Check Your Tickets! Mystery Winner Of Oz Lotto's $30 Million Still Hasn't Claimed Jackpot

Check Your Tickets! Mystery Winner Of Oz Lotto's $30 Million Still Hasn't Claimed Jackpot

Oz Lotto representative Bronnie Spencer is looking for the winner who bought from Maroubra’s Pacific Square News Agency, located in Sydney's south (pictured).

The mystery winner of the September 11 Oz Lotto draw is still walking around with $30 Million (US$21.6M) in their wallet.

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Can You Play Daily Games With The Silver Lotto System?

Big money prize with a daily game: Doug S. won over $207,000 in a Fantasy 5 jackpot in February, 2016.

Want to increase your winning chances and play more often? A 5-ball game may be what you need.

The Silver Lotto System is designed to work on a number of lottery-style games with 5 balls, 6 balls, and 6 balls with a bonus (7th) ball.

I've concentrated on the 6 ball games because of the large jackpot numbers, but there are some advantages in playing 5 ball games:

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Winning The Lottery Is All About The Numbers But I Never Write About Them

Pick the right 6 numbers and you could win a small fortune!

Quick, pick any 6 numbers at random. Match them up with last week's jackpot anywhere in the world.

Sorry, you lost again.

That's why wherever you look, lottery talk is all about the numbers. There are discussions on popular numbers, hot numbers, cold numbers, secret number patterns, and so on. Everyone wants the right numbers.

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A String Of $35 Wins So Far - When’s The Big One Coming?

Every win could be the jackpot, like the New Jersey Lottery Powerball $338 million win shown here.


OK Ken, I keep on winning small prizes, sometimes 2 or 3 at a time up to $35, but the last big one was a $1 million jackpot which I missed playing. Am I going to win big again? Or do I need to rip up my Profiles and do some new ones?

Great news on your regular wins. That means the system is steadily working for you.

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The One Essential Question You Should Ask The Lotto Store After Every Draw

My collection of winning tickets I keep stuffed into a simple envelope. Read why I retain them.

The first time was the most awkward. I had asked the lotto store worker a question that caused him to look at me in surprise.

But my simple question could also be a lifesaver to lottery winners. This example shows why you should also ask the same question to your store.

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Clockmaker Chris Hated Figures, So I Gave Him A $10,000 Bonus Shortcut

"I can't even balance my checkbook," he said. "So how am I gonna figure out these lottery figures!"

Chris was a 47 year-old neighbor who loved working with his hands.

He had expanded his hobby, and built exquisite grandfather clocks that sold for thousands of dollars each. But he hated figures.

He desperately wanted to win the lottery to make his family's future more secure.

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MY FREE PLANE RIDE: The Sweepstakes Secret That Reveals How To Win The Lottery

Reader's Digest magazine are well known for their long running sweepstakes.

At the young age of 9, I collected a large number of tickets where the prize was a flight in an amphibian aircraft off a local beach.

I wanted to win that sweepstake. 

I asked people around me on the beach for their tickets... I pleaded, I cajoled. I desperately WANTED to be on that flight that was leaving in less than an hour.

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READER ASKS: Do You Sell My Email Information To Anyone Else?

Hello Ken, I received a very official-looking piece of mail yesterday from Australia claiming that I was a "candidate" for the 40,000,000 prize from the Powerball game, and that if I send ten bucks they will release the information. What I would like to know is how the heck they got my name and address in the first place. I unfortunately thought immediately of YOU, since I just got started with your system at the tail end of last year. Please set my fears to rest.


Here's the thing...

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READER ASKS: Do I Get A New Profile When The Games Changes Its Numbers?

Winner of the Pennslyvania Powerball, Roger Custer (r) accepts his ceremonial check for $33.1 million. Photo

I received this email from Jason T:

Ken, as you probably know the Powerball has changed its numbers. I just bought your PRO profiles for powerball a few weeks ago, so now they're useless.

What do I do now? Do I get a new profile when the game numbers change like this? Jason.


Unfortunately it's not only Powerball that change their numbers. Occasionally other lottery games will change their numbers, balls or draw times.

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