A Messy Room Almost Lost 26-Year-Old Winner $1 Million, Here's How To Prevent It Happening To You

We bet Gregory Jarrett will always keep his room tidy after cleaning it last month and finding a $1 million Powerball ticket.

Did your grandmother ever say this to you?... "A place for everything and everything in its place."

It may have been the wisest advice for 26-year-old Gregory Jarrett, after he found a discarded Powerball ticket worth $1 million while cleaning his room.

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Underneath a walking pile of cash made for a Georgia Lottery tv commercial

This walking pile of money was a costume built for a Georgia Lottery television commercial. Photo.

If you think it looks complex, you're right. Considering it was only 3 feet tall it had around 1,000 individual money blocks that made up the pile.

To save on weight, around 1,200 blocks were custom made from foam wrapped with sides and fake bills on top and bottom. While this saved weight, it was the most time consuming part of the entire process.

And here's the actor! The costume used 1,000 individual blocks of money, but was made of foam and fake bills and only weighed 20 pounds. Photo.

Considering this costume was going to be used in close up shots, edges and corners needed to be crisp and sharp. Ultimately it weighed under 20 pounds and was easy for the actor to wear for the 2 day shoot.

The Shocking And Unnecessary Gulf Of Ignorance Between These Two Lottery Jackpot Winners

Georgia Lottery's Mega Millions winner Wayne Reese may not have had the problems another winner faced in this story.

Robb called his family up from different parts of their vast home by phone.

"Sorry guys," he said resignedly when they had all gathered in the great room, "we have to sell. I can't afford this place any longer."

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