You've Won The Lottery. Now Here's How To Disappear From The Internet In Just 9 Steps

One of the more important tasks when you win the jackpot is to quietly disappear. While you can do this physically, getting rid of your internet presence is another problem altogether. But it's not impossible.

Here's how you can disappear from the internet in a few steps. If you don't have the time or skills to follow it through, you can ask someone to follow the steps on sites like JustDeleteMe.

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What The Rich Are Buying Today Will Totally Surprise You: Top 10 List Reveals Big Lifestyle Changes

For the rich, shark cage diving in Africa is replacing buying expensive handbags and clothes.

Won the lottery? Forget the flash cars and jewelry... the world's spending trend for the super-rich is now experiences.

And that includes extreme holidays, gourmet dining and art auctions.

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What On Earth Is Happening To Mega Millions Sales?

Players are fleeing the USA Mega Millions in droves. And all because the organisation increased the odds of playing. Last October 19th they increased the field of 5 numbers from 1 through 56, up to 1 through 75.

The odds rocketed up from 1-in-176 million to 1-in-259 million.

The proof of a serious drop in player sales is here in the graph. This shows two similar jackpots, one before the number change, and one after. Take a look at the ticket sales. They show a big slump: