Remember These Wacky Rules When You Next Climb A Tree Or Play Lotto

Remember These Wacky Rules When You Next Climb A Tree Or Play Lotto

Make sure you have a soft landing when climbing a tree! (Bear was OK). Photo: K99

A number of my friends have fallen from roofs, walls and trees and hurt themselves. I never have. I know plenty of people who have had car accidents. Not me.

Many people haven't won a cent on the lottery for years. I've won constantly each week.

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REVEALED: One Of The World's Top Marketers Is A Deranged Lunatic

Long, long ago, dear reader, I included the name of an internet marketer I respected in a forum post.

Then suddenly, out of the blue a couple of days later came the most extraordinary email I've ever read.

Addressed to me personally and written by this guy, he told me a tale so incredible it could have been straight out of a novel.

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WINNING: Looking Out For No.1 - The Ultimate Success Story

Author Robert Ringer with his world-changing book - ideal today for lottery winners.

It was in a small, cluttered bookshop in San Francisco, away from the noise of the buskers and traffic, that I found a book that changed my life.

And 30-something years later the principles of the paperback I bought, "Looking Out For No. 1" still ring true.

You see, when you win the lottery, it changes your life in ways you don't expect.

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The Life Of This 45 Year-Old Handyman Is Astonishing

Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen owns this $4.8 million Beverly Hills home. A life filled with money is amazing. Photo

There's a handyman in my kitchen fixing our table. Our modern glass and aluminium 12 seater had a small nick in the leg when I bought it a few months back.

So this morning Josh is changing the replacement leg which arrived all the way from Italy.

He was pleasant and unassuming enough as he went about his job.

Then I asked a question about his work, and over the course of our conversation he revealed some amazing details about himself:

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REALITY PLAYING: Pretending You Won A Lottery Prize Just Doesn't Cut It Any More

Bob Guest forgot to play and missed out on over £125,000 (US$190,000). Photo

It's fun to test. You put your numbers in some spreadsheet program and it tells you how close you were to winning the lottery.

You compare the results with your actual Silver Lotto System numbers and get a huge fright.

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GREEN FOR GO! A Whopping 86% Of You Use This Lottery Prediction Service

The most confusing set of traffic lights in the world was installed in China at the entrance to an amusement park. My Red/Green light system is far simpler!

"You're a numbers guy," wrote Josh to me. "So how many people who buy your Silver Lotto System become members of that prediction service of yours?"

His email intrigued me, so in a spare moment this morning I did the sums.

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READER ASKS: When Will I Win A Bigger Lottery Prize?

Ken, Your blog has become an important read in my daily routine. So thanks for all the work you put into it for us readers! I've just started using your system and am getting some small wins of about $100 each time. When am I going to win a larger amount? And how much do I have to spend each time? Thanks.


While no system can guarantee a win at any particular time, you can improve your winning chances a lot by

  • playing more often,
  • increasing the number of tickets each time,
  • sticking to one game instead of spreading across many, and
  • increasing the number of times you play each week.

This all sounds expensive I know, but I recommend you use LottoPredict which tells you when to buy, and when to save your funds. It will make a big savings to the amount you play.

As for the amount you need to spend, that's a question I get asked a lot.

The answer is to only spend what you can afford. Some Silverites play with only $10-12 a game and still get good results.

If you want to start winning the lottery now, then get the world's most effective Lottery System today. Then add our amazing prediction service:LottoPredict, to speed up your win rate for as little as $6.60/month. Get them together here.