ACTION: How Simple Goal And Emotion Statements Help You Win The Lottery

ACTION: How Simple Goal And Emotion Statements Help You Win The Lottery

This is how you get a on.

I'm going to tell you the singlemost important action I do every day that makes me successful.

It's something that many high achievers do - including a past president of Mitsubishi Motors in Japan. It has been a tremendous success for him, and it works for winning the lottery too.

Here's what you do...

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The World's Most Exclusive Car Is Sitting In My Garage Right Now

A garage full of exotic cars is not the only advantage of being rich.

My wife turned to me today, as we were sitting in the shiny red convertible at the traffic lights and said, "Do you know, you're living your dream."

And after I thought about it for a second, I realised she was right. I was driving a half-million dollar car, and it was costing me nothing.

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WINNING TACTICS: How Many Stones Have You Kicked Today?

Stones are useful for many things - as this massage patient is discovering.

I take a daily walk down our private road and out to the suburb around it.

And I take a different way every day, and go at a different time. Takes about 30-40 minutes.

And along the way I start kicking at stones on the road.

So why do I do that?

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WINNING: The Millionaire Who Cleans His Own Cars

My Range Range looking pretty partway through its wash this morning. Read on to find out why I wash my own cars year after year...

As I passed by the black Freelander SUV in my street yesterday, I saw it looked a bit tired. A little dirty and uncared for.

Which was a big surprise because when the owner first bought it a year back, he was out every weekend washing it.

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SHOCKER: The Dangerous Assumption That Stops You Winning The Lottery

Our lawyer was happily surprised we owned a car like James Bond's.

The jovial lawyer leaned back in his chair, his features creased with a grin.

We were upgrading our family trust, and at this first meeting we were going through the details. He recommended a structure that he said would suit us.

"After all," he smiled confidently, "it's not like you've got an Aston Martin...

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