The US Powerball Jackpot Is $620M And Climbing - It's Time To Take Our Quiz

First Mega Millions hits $1.6 Billion, now US Powerball has reached $620 million and likely to go further. Now’s the time to take a quick quiz on what you know about Powerball…

Can You Tell The Difference Between A Fake Lottery Story And A Real One? [QUIZ]

The Perfect Lottery Winner's Vacation. SpaceX Plans To Take Tourists Around The Moon

At the end of 2018 Elon Musk plans to fly rich tourists around the moon on a 1-week trip of a lifetime. Two passengers a time will spend lottery-winning money to do the tour which ends by the special capsule touching back on the base in a self-landing. I wonder how much of the ticket price will be insurance!

7 Missed Calls Before Daughter Could Tell Mom About Her $1 Million Bonanza

7 Missed Calls Before Daughter Could Tell Mom About Her $1 Million Bonanza

Ashley collects her check from the Mega Millions headquarters after the October 5 draw.

It took 7 missed calls before Ashley Eggen’s mom finally heard about her daughter’s win.

She was the first person Eggen tried calling, but was unable to reach her. “I noticed where I had seven missed calls from her. I thought for sure something was wrong,” Eggen’s mom, Gail, said. 

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Take The (Billion!) Mega Millions Quiz And See How Amazing You Are!

Mega Millions has hit $1 Billion dollars right now - the second highest lottery game jackpot in history. It’s a good time to test your IQ about the game, as you dream about what you would do with your winnings.


Could You Get A Heart Attack From Winning The Lottery?

Could You Get A Heart Attack From Winning The Lottery?

Australian Bill Morgan died from a heart attack, came back to life, then won the lottery twice! Watch the video below.

Stress can cause a heart attack, but what many people don't know is that good news is also stress related and can also cause a problem.

So we wondered - has anyone suffered a heart attack from the excitement of a lottery win?

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This Multi-Millionaire Lives A Lavish Lifestyle on $100,000 A Month... Lottery Winners Can Learn From This Bling Couple

Forced out of Germany because of their love of luxury? That sounds about right. Entrepreneur Bastion Yotta runs beauty and software companies. He watched American tv shows like Baywatch as a child and dreamed of living in California. He overcame the jealous views of his countrymen and women by leaving Germany and taking on the American dream. What lessons are there for lottery winners? Watch and see how you too can avoid the pitfalls of wealth.

25 Surprising And Outrageous Things Rich People Buy That Will Probably Shock You... Just Wait Till You See #9

Here's a list that every lottery winner should look at, because some of them are simply genius. Some of the outrageous items are: Multiple copies of the same thing, fine art insurance, private lessons from pro-athletes or other famous people, valet parking keys, theme parks for a day. Check it out.