What does a lottery winning success path look like? It's like nothing you imagined


Via Demetri Martin

Here's a great drawing that perfectly illustrates the path to winning the lottery.

It's not a simple, clear direction as some people might think. Some weeks you go round in circles. Some weeks you go backwards.

But every week you use the System you are heading towards a lottery win. That makes it all worth while.

Top 10 things lottery winners can experience in Las Vegas in 2019 along with the casinos

There’s a lot more for lottery winners to see than The Strip and casinos in this famous city of lights. And you don’t have to be a winner either to see these 10 spots, including visiting the tallest freestanding observation tower in the US, and seeing unique stores that you will hardly find anywhere else in the world.

Go see the famous Cirque de Soleil, experience the magic performed by David Copperfield or go the concert of celebrity singers such as Jennifer Lopez.