£148 million lottery winner struggles to sell farm and leave Britain for 'a new life'


Adrian Bayford and wife Gillian in happier times after the 2012 EuroMillions jackpot win. PHOTO: thisischriswhite.com

For several years EuroMillions winner Adrian Bayford enjoyed the fruits of his £148 million (US$187.7M) jackpot win.

But now the £6.5 million farm and historic mansion have been on the market for over seven months as he plans to make a new life in Australia.


The farm lies deserted as Bayford struggles to sell it to move away from his problems. PHOTO: thisischriswhite.com

His rural estate Horseheath Lodge, in Linton, Cambridgeshire, which included cottages and a farm, is now lying deserted after it failed to sell, reports The Sun.

Bayford claims the 2012 giant win has made him miserable. Earlier this year it was revealed that the former record store owner is unhappy, has fallen out with friends and piled on weight as he sits alone in his vast mansion.

In 2016 his mansion was was raided in a £100,000 burglary just weeks before he was dumped by his fiancee.

He says strangers are rude about how little he donates to local good causes.


While Adrian Bayford has always been a large man, his weight has climbed. PHOTO: The Sun

Now he has taken to scoffing up to seven £1.50 pasties a day after having them delivered from a firm in Cornwall — because they remind him of his childhood spent in the town of St Just.