15 stupid ways some rich people waste money, you'll have to see #7 with your own eyes!


Easy come, easy go. That's the philosophy of some lottery winners as they churn through millions of dollars in just a few years.

And the range of stuff out there to waste money on is amazing. Take a look at what some rich folks do when they have a few dollars to burn!

Floor-to-door parking makes car ownership fun again, and so convenient.

Best view in the house. And privacy isn't an issue either it seems!

A small pool in a large pool keeps you away from nature's predators.


Playing a card game with some iPads is original, if expensive. But hey, it's your lotto money.


A Mercedes sportscar covered with Swarovski diamonds means you've got your priorities right, right?

Astounding, really. Better than Tony Stark's place.

How to clean a fishtank the expensive way. Oh, say, what's for dinner?

You've gotten tired of polishing the jewels on your Mercedes, so why not just silverplate your SLR?

How much was that Red Bull again, the one with the gold glitter in it?

Walkies. How the rich really pamper their pets.

Too much choice, maybe I'll buy a bus company.

Bliss, no work today. Or tomorrow. Or this year...

Words fail me. My cot never looked like that.

When the going gets tough, first class gets out in style.