I Almost Crashed Into A Giant Truck A Few Minutes Ago...I Should Have Bought A Lottery Ticket After That!

I almost crashed into a giant 18-wheeler truck a few minutes ago.

My wife said - not that calmly...in fact, in a slight panic - "It's turning, it's turning!" as I barreled down the side of this enormous behemoth. The truck gave a mighty blast on its horn as it started turning across our lane.

And on the spot, I invented a new phrase: Situational Blindness.

My wife would have called it - and me - several different names, but thankfully she stopped when I put on the brakes and saved us.

How could I miss that truck about to turn? I asked myself that question as I was driving home.

After all, the truck had indicators blinking, several of them - all the way down the side. And it was turning slightly as I came through.

But I took no notice because I assumed he wouldn't make the turn.

And here's where I went askew...

Because I assumed this titan of a delivery truck wouldn't turn into the side road... a street so narrow that I had trouble turning into it in a normal car.

And so I assumed it wasn't going there.

But it did. Wrong thinking #1.

Also, it was on the other lane, leaving my side clear. So I assumed the truck would stop there and do something else. I was wrong. Terribly wrong thinking #2.

But only my ego got a fright... the rest of me started composing this newsletter from the experience as I drove home.

Assumption is a prelude to disaster, that's a fact.

A recent aircraft crash took the pilots by surprise because they didn't think that their plane could descend as fast as the 15,000 ft/minute their gauges were showing. In fact they were going down at that rate, but their senses told them otherwise. Situational blindness.

Every day we're exposed to this kind of condition:

- We forget names because our senses are working in overload trying to match all the signals coming from the person we're being introduced to. Scent, movement, response. So we blindly forget their name.

- We cross over to the wrong side of the road in a strange country because the familiarity of a road - any road - creeps back. After a lifetime of driving on one side of the road, this familiar surroundings of drains, signs and markings lull us into a sense of familiarity - and blindness.

Some lottery players get confused too. They forget that numbers already played are not really going to predict the next set of numbers. Sure, it's fun going back in the past and seeing how many winning numbers you could have had. But it's not reality.

They've blinded themselves to the real facts: That numbers DON'T have memory. A number won't remember that it should be 'hot,' coming up every 3 months... and pop up at the right moment. It's a fallacy.

In fact, past numbers and past games are useless for predicting the future...EXCEPT...when we can generalise about them. And that's why my system works so well, because numbers fall into a pattern that can be relied upon.

The pattern is not exact - otherwise everyone will be winning each game in the world. But exact enough that we can carefully use them - and a portion of luck or chance - to bring in the winnings.

Make sure Situational Blindness doesn't rob you of your number logic.

Play the numbers you're given by the System, and trust them to get you the wins you want:

Dear Ken,

I bought your lotto system in Feb this year... The first 3 - 4 weeks had small wins nearly every time! Family & Friends most impressed - better to at least win back your costs. YESTERDAY ( SUNDAY ) called into the local agency - with son waiting for me in a 10 minute park - first ticket paid $27.15 - at least paid for Sunday papers and a magazine ( just!). NEXT ticket came up 'MAJOR WINNER" on the machine! ...girl at counter informed me that as "Don't have enough money to pay you here - can you go down to the other shop - as they have to call and find out what you've won" Talk about heart attack moment... But pretty darn good to be handed $1,349.25 CASH! Well - think you will be getting MANY MANY people for Queensland ordering your system Ken - could have sold them right in the newsagent...! Even my doubting ( computer programming- maths whiz ) husband has eaten just a bit of humble pie!
Cheers Geena ( QLD)
ps - even the news/lotto agent was interested in your system.

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