Why Lottery Winners Win... The 3 Rules They Use To Win More Often

He stared at the tv screen in disbelief. The last number dropped out of the lottery barrel... and he knew he and his wife's days as house renters were over.

One million dollars... all theirs... to BUY the house they wanted, upgrade the car, travel more often.

He had planned this for years and knew exactly where the money would be spent. And one of his first moves would be to ring Ken Silver and tell him that the Silver Lotto System had struck gold!

Then he remembered, and slapped his forehead with shock and annoyance... he didn't play that week!

Here's his very own words... and I can vouch for them, because he's an old friend of mine:

After taking tickets of the same series for some time, I decided to extend out to a much larger number of entries. This was what Ken had been saying so I followed instructions. Now I needed to get organised quickly and cut to the chase, buy the tickets and watch the results. I did get organised but alas I let that fateful night go by when I did not buy and the prize pool meant that $1M would have been won as my first line of numbers came up.

Lester R . (Name and Address Supplied)

Like Lester, every time you don't play is a potential win lost forever. That jackpot with your name on may only appear once in a blue moon... and if you miss the window of opportunity, it could be a long time before it returns.

Remembering to play is just one example of why winners win. But luckily there are only 3 basic rules they use to get results with my system. Before I list them, again remember there is one rule that overshadows the rest... and that is PLAY!

Here's the 3 basic rules you need to get consistent winning results with the Silver Lotto System:

#1. Play more often.
"The harder I work, the luckier I get," said film producer Samuel Goldwyn. What he meant was that the more film opportunities he saw and took part in, the higher the percentage that they would be winners. Two salespeople selling... one makes 10 calls a day, the other makes 100. Fact: the 100-a-day will romp in with ten times the sales... it's all down to the percentages. Same with the lottery - one game a week will give you 4 more times the odds - than one game a month.

#2. Play with more tickets.
This is very similar to #1. The more tickets, the higher chance of success. I get a 100% win rate because I play with all the system. You CAN play with less and still get a huge advantage, so don't get discouraged if you can't play the full amount.

#3. Play after losing.
This tactic is hard for many players to overcome. Despite the Silver Lotto System giving you the best odds for continuous and multiple winnings for any system I've seen, there are days when you'll lose. It's just what happens. And when it does, you need Player Persistence to get back on the horse again. Many people give up at this point, but you gotta realize this is good for the rest of us - because less players mean less competition for sharing the prizes!

It is all remarkably simple. Follow the three rules and watch your prize money grow!

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