I Went To Monaco Yesterday In My Shirtsleeves - But There's One Place I didn't Visit

"I went to Monaco in my shirtsleeves?" After all, doesn't everyone wear short sleeved shirts there, in the south of France?

Well, I did it differently. In fact, yesterday I traveled from Britain - where I was visiting - all the way down to the bottom of France.

A 2 hour flight.

I caught a helicopter at Nice Airport, and flew in to Monaco over the sea. A 7 minute flight.

Monaco - the heart of James Bond's casino, home to billionaires, exotic cars and the most expensive real estate in the world. And I enjoyed every manicured inch of it immensely.

Then at the end of that day, I caught another helicopter back to the airport, and traveled all the way back to UK. In my shirtsleeves. No coat, no bags.

I simply put my passport and wallet into one trouser pocket, my iPhone into another, and travelled light - thousands of kilometers across the world. Packed it all into one day and it was an adventure. I was able to do it because the weather was predicted to be quite hot, so I didn't want to carry a coat with me.

I didn't need anything else - I could always buy food, clothing or anything I needed on the way.

And the trip was a resounding success.

But there was one place I didn't visit during my time there, and it will surprise you...

The Monte Carlo Casino.

If you're surprised, then I can guess why. Who would miss out on the chance to win a few thousand dollars or more in the most exclusive, upmarket casino in the world?

Me, actually. And I'll tell you why...

The odds are against you winning there. But in the lottery - and especially with my system - I have worked out the odds and got them so low they are VERY appealing. Many people get results like these:

Week 1 - spent $40 - won $54

Week 2 - spent $60 - won $232 (my tickets were free from this point!)

Week 3 - spent $30 - won $128

Week 4 - spent $30 - won $12

Week 5 - spent $30 - won $10

Week 6 - spent $30 - won $46

Week 7 - spent $60 - won $612

Week 8 - spent $20 - won $3,300

Week 9 - spent $30 - won $85

Week 10 - spent $60 - won $5

Week 11 - spent $20 - won $210

Week 12 - spent $60 - won $126

Cheryl M.


The casino games are for players with deep pockets and disposable money. The odds of winning for the average guy are shocking. That's why I stay away from any kind of game like that. 

It's an attractive place, the Casino in Monaco.

But if you want reliable winnings, my system is hard to beat!