Hello, My Name Is Ken, And I Was A Motorcyclist (Now I'm A Lottery Winner!)

I was a recreational motorcyclist for many years. But never again.

I'll tell you why in a minute.

First, I should explain that for the best part of 25 years, rain and shine, I went to work on one, rode round the weekends on one, visited places on one, rode in groups (not that often) on one.

I even rode across the Nullabor plains in Australia on one.

And I had a funny attitude to motorcycling. I wasn't content to just ride around the place, startling grandmothers and scaring young children (not really, that's just to make me sound interesting... when in fact I'm quite boring).

No, I was a perfectionist.

I rode like a policeman on a training course. I had a routine... I had to ride to a stop before putting one foot down. My cornering was precise. I rode fast but extremely defensively... always looking for an escape route, headlights on, all of it.

And it worked... I only had one accident in all those years, a quarter century of riding. The small scar on my cheek - I tell anyone remotely interested - was from wrestling a bear in a Russian forest. (I later changed that to saving a diplomat's young child from a pack of savage bears on a mountain - it got more sympathy).

Nowadays I prefer the comfort and safety of cars... and the more luxurious the better, as you've read in my previous articles. I've owned everything from an Aston Martin to classic sports cars, utilities and luxury saloons like the Lexus hybrid, the LS600hL. Former Beatle Paul McCartney had one of those... I'm in good company, but better off since I didn't get it airfreighted to me :)

What made the change? Risk.

Risk was adrenalin-producing and fun back then, but as I aged it got too much. Traffic was becoming less predicable, drivers less tolerant of motorcyclists... even the good guys like me. They couldn't tell the difference between my offroad touring bike and a Hell's Angel Harley.

So I ditched it, and have not ridden for more than a decade.

I've tried to minimise risk in lots of other parts of my life too. The main one is my lottery system.

It's crazy trying to grab some random numbers out of the air without knowing what you're risking. So every year I increase my research, and build a better lottery product designed to get the highest return from my numbers.

Today it's magic. In my game, playing to my system, I get a 100% win rate. That means I get a prize in every game I play...real low risk activity. For example, last week I got 5 winning tickets for an average value of $35-50 each. That's quite common for me.

Many players get my winning percentage too:

Hi Ken, I bought your system about two years ago, and I have been a constant winner since. To date I have won $33,675.00! My last win was this past Wednesday when I knocked off another $1,370.00!
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"I've Won Every Week For 4 MONTHS On Powerball!" "

Ken, I've won: $400.00, $300.00, $75.00, $50.00, $10.00, $5.00, $3.00 not just once but many times... I won every week for four months on Powerball. It was a great feeling...YOUR SYSTEM WORKS. Thank you...
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The only way to reduce risk when playing the lottery is to use a proven system. Here's 3 ways you can get the most out of my systems:

#1). Play low ball games.
Games with 5 balls are best. The lower the number of balls in a game, the better your odds. If you have a choice, play the game with this lower number of balls even if the main prize is smaller (which it usually is, being tied to the risk factor). This will increase your winning chances hugely.

#2). Play low number games.
It's the same with ticket numbers. My game is only 40 numbers, perfect for low risk and high winning odds. Any time you can play a game with numbers as low as 40, do it. I'm not including Keno, Pick 3, Cash 3 or other games here - just lotto. The SuperEnalotto of Italy has 6 balls (good) - but 90 numbers (very bad). Avoid these games if you can.

#3). Play frequently.
Everyone knows the stats. - the more times you ride a motorcycle... the more miles you pile on... the more chances of an accident. It works in a good way too... the more frequently you play the lottery, the better your odds. Simple maths.

Get the product you need to increase your odds. Buy in this order - each product you add will ramp up your wins:

1. Silver Lotto System.

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3. PRO System.

By the way, if you've won any prize using my system - no matter how small - share your good fortune with us here: /winners