How Winning The Lottery Is Really Like Taking A Cruise Ship Ride

Imagine your life as a boat ride. You are born... the boat gets champagne cracked across its bow. Ouch. Well, that's not fair.

Then you slide backwards into the harbor. Yes, we all start out life sliding backwards, not really knowing what is going on behind us.

After a period of testing in the kindergarten/harbor, we strike out for the open seas. That's about our teenage time, into turbulent waters for sure.

Then it's all about endurance... plunging headlong into stormy waves that represent the world and all its challenges.

A long time goes by when we only see flotsam and jetsam, birds and the occasional whale.

Life's like that too... lots of boring activity with some infrequent excitement scattered about.

Then - a port! Could be our first overseas trip, getting married, or or first job.

Followed by more seafaring boredom.

Then another port, sea, then another port. But never close enough to maintain our interest.

Life floats on by for a while. Then we hit an iceberg and sink.

OK, let's stop here before it gets a little messy :)

Guess the missing component here...

If you guessed navigation, then take a bow. No ship gets very far without a competent captain and a map.

Most of us don't plan. When was the last life map you looked at? When was the last time you sat down and started to map out your life so that you knew where you were going?

You're not alone...most folk don't do that either.

It works for the lottery. Here's my map:

A). Buy the Silver Lotto System.

B). Play frequently.

C). Avoid losing with the Lotto-80 System.

D). Retire happy.

And here's what happens when you don't follow Plan B:

My friend, who I left the copy of your system at her house, who also helped me calculate the numbers in your system, called me yesterday, Thanksgiving day, screaming I had 5 numbers in the system that paid $5,000.00. I informed her that I didn't play the numbers, even though I had planned to play them for myself, instead, I left the numbers in my office.
Charles J.

Weigh anchor now :)