5 Things You NEED To Know This Morning, Including Winning The Lottery

Someone wise - wielding a calculator, obviously - said that the internet now is sooooo big, we cannot read even a fraction of it in our entire lifetime.

Even speed-reading 24 hours a day while being spoon fed by a dedicated chef. It's a knowledge monster.

So I thought I'd bring a selected 5 of the the most interesting bits to you this morning. Some good - some not so sunny... just like life itself:


1). Google now rules the world...

If you break any of the rules on their new Google+ social networking site (built to crush Facebook), they can take ALL your G services away. That's Gmail, Documents, Calendar, maybe even YouTube too, etc.

A 10 year-old Dutch boy recently signed up to Google+, but Google requires its users to be at least 13. So the bullies are going to wipe his whole G account from the face of the earth.

My suggestion: diversify...don't rely on one program or corporation to rule your whole life. I have Plan B's for many of my essential services - do you?


2). Let's get a shameless plug out the way early...

You KNOW I'm going to promote my products someplace here - it's in my DNA. But look, me and thousands of others don't know any other system that works as well as my Silver Lotto System and related systems. Buy it and use it and win!

3). Steve Jobs is still alive...

The founder of Apple is not in good health with a dodgy liver, but he's still with us. And the iPhone 5 is due to be released in a couple of days. It is expected to be strong on speech-to-text.

Quaint Fact: I once saw a picture of his Mercedes SL600 parked over two bays, at an angle. He doesn't care much for rules on the road or in business!

Another QF: I have 3 iPhones on my desk - 2 of which are prehistoric models - all charging. I don't know how to profitably get rid of the older units.


4). The world is NOT going to end...

At any time. Period. We'll all be here in thousands of year's time. Don't be spooked by global warming, Mayan prophesies, solar flare conspiracies or the economy tanking. It's our nature to take notice of negative events because our caveman genes are trying to protect us from harm.

QF: The world's media thrive on bad stuff because it sells best. Trust me, I used to own newspapers - I know about this from the inside. Most gloom can be turned off with a single (tv) button. Embrace your own economy and make your weather... it's easy. I'll talk more about that in coming newsletters.


5). Most people are good inside...

If you get a problem coming your way on Monday, that person is probably having a bad day. Like you, they have good intentions, but sometimes life treats them without respect. However, good deeds are transferable and contagious.

If you've ever seen the film "Pay It Forward," you'll agree (and yes, the kid dies at the end, but the movie demonstrates a great concept). So do a good deed today and watch it spread. 

Dear Ken,

Just to let you know that I’ve had another 2 wins. This was with the Pro set of numbers with a 1st line and 12th line producing winning tickets in the UK Lottery.

John D.

Go Johnny GO! (my Chuck Berry moment).