How I Met My Long-Lost Sister in Monaco... Was It An Amazing Coincidence, Like Winning The Lottery?

Don't believe you'll win the lottery anytime soon? Well, I've got an amazing story that will blow your socks off - and make a believer of you.

It started when I visited the country of Monaco in the south of France a while back. It's a tiny independent nation just a square mile in size.

Famous for its Grand Prix, low taxes and James Bond-style casino.

And home to some of the richest people on the planet.

So I followed my decades-old dream to visit this unique little country and see how the other half lives. And do they live well. The number of luxury cars - like the million dollar Mercedes Maybach, Ferraris and Lamborghinis abound - cruising the main street in search of admiring looks.

Then the boats... such as the enormous multiple-decked Lady Moura, owned by an Arab billionaire and berthed where I could almost reach out and touch it. A giant $300 million yacht in white with gold trim that took your breath away.


So on this early afternoon I was walking along the waterfront, with cafes on one side of me and these mega yachts on the other, drinking in the warm atmosphere and listening to the super cars roaring along on the street behind me.

And I heard my name called.

Strangest thing you could ever hear...your name shouted out in a country half a planet away from your homeland. So I did what anyone else would do...I ignored it. Couldn't be me, I reasoned, and kept walking.

But the woman calling my name from behind kept calling, several times, until from curiosity I turned round to find out what was going on. I didn't recognize her at first from 20 yards away, until she said "It's me, Sally!" and rushed up to give me a long hug. It was one of my sisters.

I couldn't believe it...after not seeing her for more than 10 years and only talking a few times on the phone when various members of our family died or got sick she was in the flesh.

We sat down at one of the cafes (by the way, some of these are for backpackers really...the standard is not what I'd expect from the wealthiest country on earth - but it was convenient and I was hungry), and we caught up over a pizza and orange drink.

Turns out she and her husband had left my brother's place in UK a month back and were traveling round Europe. The chance of meeting up here was really millions to 1 or more.

Or was it? There's more to it that I'll explain...

My brother had mentioned to them I was going to Monaco on Thursday. Maybe this fact caused my sister to arrange to travel to Monaco at that time - subconsciously - I don't know. But it was beginning to sound less of a coincidence as I thought about it.

And if you're wondering how this all applies to winning the lottery, let me tell you a little more about luck...

Now, as I mentioned, Monaco is a small place. It is just a couple of harbors and barely 1.6 km (about a mile) long. And this is interesting... that most of the tourist traffic is concentrated in only a few places, because the rest of the municipality is given over to residents in high rise apartments.

So all the tourists meet in the same areas much of the time, in just a few places, in areas a few hundred yards long.

And this is what happened that day.

So altogether the enormous coincidence of our meeting turned out to be LESS chance than it appeared.

And this is how my Silver Lotto System works too. Instead of searching the world for a small selection of correctly winning numbers, my system concentrates on getting the right numbers together in a SMALL area.

So by removing all the numbers that don't stack up... and concentrating solely on the ones that do, chance is reduced hugely.

Odds are in fact increased hugely, just like our waterfront meeting. And everyone gets to 'meet their relative'... and win frequent prizes!

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