Coldplay's And My Mother's Weird Experiments With Hypnosis

This is not an article about smoking. But smoking is a drag. It costs a lot, makes your breath stink - and may ultimately stop you from winning the 100 yard dash to the bus stop.

I smoked, but stopped 37 years ago.

My mother smoked until well into her 50's. Even as a logical and intelligent woman knowing the dangers she faced, this made no difference... she was gripped by this addiction and it was wrecking her life.

So as a last resort - she visited a hypnotherapist. Back then, 40 years ago, therapeutic hypnotism was almost a voodoo art.

And maybe this happened: You were put into a trance and the hypnotist had full control over you, as you lay there helpless as a trussed chicken. Years later some implanted command he had put into your subconscious would suddenly reveal itself, and you would go off and spy for the Russians.

Well, that never did happen.

But to all our family's amazement, our mother gave up smoking completely after two sessions. Today, in a testament to her genes rather than the damaging effect of smoke, she is a happy and relatively healthy 90 year-old.

Since then I've been an advocate of hypnosis. I even use the principle myself. 

So do you. Every time you read an inspiring story, and lean back in your chair, gazing off into the distance and imagining yourself doing just the same - you are hypnotizing yourself.

I have 'dreamed' of everything I now own. Including my success in the lottery. The power is simply developing a self belief system that works for you.

The chart-topping British band Coldplay revealed recently how they used hypnotism to record their new album, Mylo Xoloto. (Yes, maybe you can see "loto" subliminally in there too).

But sometimes we need help to make the most of this method.

So when I came across a world-famous hypnotist therapist (not the guy in the photo above!) who was recommended to me by one of my affiliates, I jumped at the chance to find out more.

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It's there.

Want inner peace (who doesn't), be young at heart, get a lover, discover your passion? Good grief - the man is a walking encyclopedia of cures!

Even stopping smoking!

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