The Bald Man's Answer To Unimaginable Wealth - And Maybe Winning The Lottery


Want to know how to get mind-bogglingly r.i.c.h - quicker than anyone in your street, or town?

It's sort of easy.

The Secret Formula To Wealth is simply this:

At any random time throughout your life, most stuff will sell for a song. Here's some extreme examples...

- The latest figures out on the prices of American high end luxury residences show mansion prices are dropping. Celebrity real estate suffers the most because these stars buy homes as soon as they get a check from their latest film - not when it's the best time to buy.

- That exotic Ferrari will be sold at a knockdown price because the economy is in a spin and the owner wants cash fast. Happened in our country last weekend to a property developer.

- Aaron Spelling's monster mansion in California was on the market for $150 million, and languished there for 28 months before being bought recently by Petra Ecclestone for a mere $85 million.

- That popular artist will die one day, and suddenly his paintings will rocket in value. Get in ahead and you're in clover.

- If you wait long enough, tomatoes will eventually fall to half their price. As the food buyer in our house, I know this.

So almost anything can be bought at a huge discount - at the right time. All you have to do is: buy something in demand at a low price, and sell it on at a high price.

One of the best ways is to target people with problems. Swap their problem for some money and you both end up happy. Although it sounds a little callous, the fact is - when someone has a problem, they want to bail out ASAP. And usually at any cost. If you're pulling out your wallet at the time... bingo, you both get lucky.

The problem with waiting for a bargain to arrive on your doorstep is that you can't predict WHEN. Your cut-price wait could be forever.

Waiting for the price of lottery tickets to drop? Don't hold your breath. Lottery tickets - like concert tickets for a popular show, never drop in price or value. Despite that, the time to buy is NOW.

Sure you can wait it out, but what about that asteroid that might hit us in a few month's time? Better get your enjoyment going before it's too late. (There is no asteroid. But your local Mr Whippy ice-cream guy could go out of business next week...better enjoy your cone now).

And the Bald Man's Answer?

This is a killer idea which I'll give you for are almost certainly bound to get untold riches if you invent a cure for baldness. Are you an expert in stem cell production or can get human hair from China cheap? That could be your calling :)

Of course, the other answer is winning the lottery.


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