There Are 4 People Outside My Door Waiting For Me To Win Lotto

I answer the doorbell. Two plumbers are standing there, smiling. "We've come to install your new bathroom basins," said Graham, and I invite them inside.

An hour passes and the bell goes again.

"Hi," said the taller of the two men standing there, "We're here to put in your new shower glass."

I point them in the direction of the bathrooms, and leave them to work.

As I sip a cup of green tea I can hear them whistling, and from the floor below I can hear banging as the plumbers get on with installing the sinks.

And by the end of the day they're finished and the bathrooms look superb.

The next day I saunter down to my local lottery store and make small talk with Rabib as he puts my tickets through the machine.

Rabib is an overweight version of the drugstore owner in the Simpsons cartoon. Except his English is very poor...we barely understand each other.

He's good at counting out prizes though...done that often over the years.

And so the next day I go down to put my tickets through the machine checker.

RULE #1: Always check your tickets by machine - not manually! A lapse in concentration while you're doing them by hand, and that multi-million dollar jackpot may never be yours.

I watch as the prizes mount up. About as high as Rabib's eyebrows go as he starts counting my money out of the till.

Bingo! I've covered the cost of the 4 workers, the basins, and made a little to shout my wife a new hairdo.

RULE #2: Always win your prizes BEFORE you get the plumbing and shower guys in. I can do it this way because I've been winning for a long, long time.

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PS. A sad note for the passing of Apple CEO, genius tech innovator Steve Jobs today. He's being compared to Albert Einstein by New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. I agree. I'm typing this newsletter in respect on a Mac.