The 5 Most Popular Lottery Winning Newsletters

First, a little explanation...

I have 2 identical blogs. Well, this one is prettier than the other, but the writing and content is the same on both.

One is a backup to the other.

One started in 2004, the other September 8th this year. Yep, last month.

I'm taking the most-read figures from the most recent one, because people love up-to-date stuff. So I took the highest-read posts (which are my newsletters, since I put them up on the blog straight after), and here they are:

POPULAR #1 - /blog/2011/9/23/i-havent-paid-my-power-phone-or-gas-or-filled-out-my-lottery.html

POPULAR #2 - /blog/2011/9/24/your-own-mom-a-lottery-winning-competitor.html

POPULAR #3 - /blog/2011/10/1/trust-me-because-i-look-like-clint-eastwood.html

POPULAR #4 - /blog/2011/9/29/someone-mistook-me-for-a-lottery-winning-robot.html

POPULAR #5 - /blog/2011/9/30/the-rich-are-different-some-lottery-winners-even-mow-their-o.html

Happy reading!

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