Here's A Collection Of My 7 Most Shameful Lottery Winning Bloopers - And One I've NEVER Made!

Over the years I have been writing a lot about my successes and how you can join me in getting up to a 98% win rate in many lottery games. After all, it's why we're all here.

I write about success because it's the best way to stop that nagging voice in your head that goes, "Why not me?" I show how it can be done - and by having fun too.

But I also have failures like everyone else. A couple days ago I wrote about my biggest stinkeroo here... my own Black Friday that lasted several years.

So to let you know that we're all human, off the top of my head I listed a few of the times I've been embarrassed in lotto. (Jeepers, the ideas came quick too :)

Here are some that I'm profoundly ashamed of:

#1. When my daughter got married over 12 years ago - I had a Wedding Special on my lottery products for just that day to celebrate. A couple of readers were shocked that I would take advantage of a personal event like that that they wrote in to complain. Maybe I did go a little too far. I have a special on the Silver Lotto System right now - but thankfully my daughter is nowhere to be seen :)

#2. You know how you wake up and keep on thinking it's the wrong day? When I went to get the Sunday paper a while back, guess what day it was? Yep - Saturday. Early Alzheimers! I wanted tomorrow's news... the lottery results BEFORE they were drawn (now that's a unique thought, but I do it anyway with the Lotto-80 System.

#3. One reader complained I wrote too much about my cars. "Enough already about your cars, I'm not interested in anything else except winning my darn lottery game!" he griped. Maybe he wasn't a car guy like me - maybe he just saw a car as transport. But they are one of the more interesting interests of my my life, and so I like to share my fun. Doesn't appeal to everyone, I know - until you get the chance to buy your OWN luxury sportscar!

#4. When I bought tickets away from my hometown shop one time, I was caught short. They ended up being more expensive than I expected. As I guess you know by now, my Silver Lotto System works by filling out tickets once only - and then never again. So it stands to reason that the price each time would be the same.

Well, I mentioned that to the lotto store girl when the amount started going over my budget, and we both spent a good half hour trying to find out where the extra money went. We never did find the leak, and I ended up paying for the extra. I think the store's machine was misreading the tickets - which were getting a bit old by then - but it is a lesson to never trust a machine either!

#5. I'm so Scrooge-like that I haven't even given away my Silver Lotto System to any family members! The ONLY system I have ever given away was to a friend who ended up winning a $1 million prize! Pity he never played that week.


After taking tickets of the same series for some time, I decided to extend out to a much larger number of entries. This was what Ken had been saying so I followed instructions. Now I needed to get organised quickly and cut to the chase, buy the tickets and watch the results. I did get organised but alas I let that fateful night go by when I did not buy and the prize pool meant that $1M would have been won as my first line of numbers came up.

Lester R. (Name and Address Supplied)

#6. Until I wrote this article today, it had never crossed my mind to give away pre-filled (Silver Lotto System) lottery tickets to my friends and family for birthdays. Considering they would have got at least a prize each time and been very thankful to me, this has to be the silliest forgetful moment I've had. Maybe that's an idea for your friends and family too!

#7. I was banned from the Warrior's Forum (one of the biggest marketing forums on the net) a year or two back for reviving an old post. That's not done, they said, even though I brought a lot of value to the thread. It didn't matter that Warriors founder Allen Says had bought the Rights to one of my products some years back and sold a heap of them... or that I had written MANY lengthy posts on that forum with much positive feedback - admin still banned me for 2 weeks. So I stopped supporting them - their loss... and put my effort into writing articles instead. As of today, just 60-odd EzineArticles of my articles have gotten 57,000 views with an ultrahigh high click through rate. That's pretty good.

Guess the one blooper I've NEVER made... and it's what I see all around me today despite the skill and expertise of the planet's greatest writers and marketers...

I have never sent off a wrong link to one of my products.

That also meant I've also never had to send out another newsletter apologizing and re-sending the right one. I don't know how these guys make such 'errors,' but I'm guessing it's to get more attention to their selling link. I don't consider that very professional.

OK, that's enough of the bloopers for a while. Let's get back to the positive Daily posts I like to write, and get you winning big!

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