Bad Bosses - Even George Clooney Has Them - And How You Can Get Rid Of All Of Them

I raised my hand like a stop signal, and my boss stopped talking instantly. A wave of elation swept over me at his response.

I had just quit my job, and he wanted to discuss it. I didn't any more. So I stopped him.

With a simple gesture I bought my power back and reclaimed my life. Until you have experienced the powerful emotions around claiming your own life back, it's hard to understand.

A boss has power over you by virtue of paying you... making a form of financial slavery that is hugely dispiriting to anyone with an ounce of independence. By swapping your life hours for a wage, you are enslaved - even at your choice - to a life not much better than a trained dog.

If you work at Google, you might be somewhere further up the scale. Free food, free coffee, fridges packed with free drinks, top quality chefs, valet parking, opulent decor, free haircuts, massage salon, basketball court, annual trips to exotics places. But Google employees still have a boss. If the boss says go, you lose everything.

What an ugly word: Boss.

And words that are similar are no good either... toss, loss, doss.

The boss - as a master concept - stinks... someone or something that has control over you. You may be lucky and have a good boss - but he will still command that you come to work at a certain time, and not let you leave until you've done your stint. Even your retirement age is dictated to you.

Want to be like George Clooney? Do you envy his life of endless travel, exciting projects and adoring fans and girlfriends?

Well, you would until you know the reality... In order to get those things he swaps his freedom for a full diary that packs out his busy life... films to be made, press conferences, appointments with studios and finance people.

The best part of two years ahead and more is planned out ahead of him, and he can't change it. He is not his own boss.

There are two ways getting rid of a boss.

The first is to be your own boss. You tell yourself what to do... a small change I guess. But it still implies a prison that surrounds you, like George and Google. Say you decide to go into the restaurant business. Well, now your customers are your boss - and in some ways that can be worse.

The second is to buy your way out. Throw money at the problem. This is way better.

Because you are free to tell anyone what you think. Or to tell them to go away.

When you have a substantial sum of money, your precious life is yours again. Let's take some examples:

- Annoyed by the airline's schedule? Don't like the airplane toilets or squashed seating? If you're a NetJet timeshare owner, this company owned by Warren Buffet will fly you anywhere, in comfort and in privacy.

- Sick of washing your car? Get in a mobile wash company whenever it gets dirty. Watch them slave over your shining vehicle from the comfort of your pool lounge chair.

- Going first class but don't want to organise your luggage? Get it couriered ahead to your hotel destination. Leave your home with just a cabin bag.

Money will do that. It will take away the problems and leave you to do more important things in your life. John treated his girlfriend and family to a dinner out:

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Want to give someone a gift? I've occasionally bought a book or a robot cleaner from Amazon for someone, and had it delivered to their address. There is no easier way to give... no driving to the store, no packing, shipping or freighting.

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There are few problems in life that can't be solved with money, even getting rid of your boss!

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