Can You Legally Cheat The Lottery And Get Away With It - And Win The Jackpot?


"You're the lotto guy, right?" said the smiling girl at my lottery store. It was quiet - I was the only person there as she dealt out my tickets.

"Well I've got an idea to run past you," she said, stacking up the tickets. "Buy up every ticket! You can't lose."

I knew she was joking, but it has been done - and I'll explain how in a minute.

If you want to beat the odds - instead of finding clever ways that work winning the lottery - let's look at a game you can try out.

The USA Powerball.

You obviously choose this game for the massive jackpot... which at one time has reached the highest payout ever with a $1.5 Billion jackpot split amongst 3 winners in 2016.

Now, this game has odds of winning any prize or the jackpot of 1 in 292,201,338.

The most obvious way of getting every ticket drawn is to buy the lot. But it will cost you more than you'll win.

The downside is that someone out there may also have the winning numbers, so your prize is immediately halved.

Then there are the subsidiary prizes which can range from $4 all the way up to $1 million.

Why not buy all the tickets in a smaller number game?

Well, it's been tried. Back in 1992 a 28-person team bought up 80% of the Irish Lottery and got back $1 million. They made a slight profit but were stopped in future games when the lottery increased the number of balls, thereby increasing the odds out of reach.

One of the important factors in beating the lottery is less known, but it is how my System works.

By removing all of the 'bad' or unlikely number combinations, you're left with a small number of good guy numbers. Once you figure in the element of chance, these numbers can put you into the top 2% of potential winners anywhere in the world.

I get a 98% win rate because our game in NZ is still a 6/40... 6 balls and 40 numbers. The odds are very much better than many other games on the planet.

But my System works just as well with the higher numbers too, as this winner shows with multiple successes from Michael with Powerball. 

Hi Ken,

Later I'll order more from you but I'm on S.S. and only make $613.00 a month. I do play Power ball 1-55 white ball 1-42 red and lotto 1-44 and show me 5 1-44 I spend $20.00 a month some times more or less, and I do win using your system. I've won: $400.00 ,$300.00, $75.00, $50.00, $10.00, $5.00, $3.00 Not just once but many times. believe me the winnings sure help me to keep playing and to add a little bit more to my S.S. check every month. I put 1/2 back in to playing and the other half in my pocket. I won every week for Four months On powerball. My Tickets Grew to 23 Playing During the Four months, until they all played out. It was a great feeling. Really its not about how much I won as it is YOUR SYSTEM WORKS. Some day I may win the big one.

Thank you

Michael A