Here's 7 Ways To Keep Friends When You're Rich From Winning The Lottery

It's a known fact: being wealthy does make you happy.

But a large win does come with some baggage. And part of winning giant phone-book numbers in the lottery is the problem of dealing with people who suddenly become your friends, while alienating your true friends at the same time. 

The best answer is never allow yourself to get into that position.

Because as a Silverite (a buyer of my system), your First Rule of Winning a large prize is never to let anyone know. Don't phone friends, workmates or relatives. Because nobody except you can keep a secret that big. So avoid talking about it to anyone.

Here's another tip...

Don't sign a publicity agreement with the lottery organisation. It will help to keep your identity safe from nosey beggars and the press.

Many lotteries will require a release to allow them to publicize the game, but you should be able to get legal advice to prevent this on grounds of privacy. And in case you can't, as a last resort wear dark glasses, change your dress style and use a disguise in every publicity photo.

Most lottery organisations have excellent advisory departments for exactly this reason - to help you get through the difficult times when you first win. Always take their advice.

But you need to think about the long term effects and particularly keeping those people close to you who you trust and like.

So here are 7 ways to make the most exciting and beneficial time of your life a real permanent vacation:

#1. Cover Your Tracks.
It's important to use every method you possibly can to conceal the win from everyone else. Depending on where you live in the world and the lottery's rules, you can use various methods to ensure you are not linked with the multi-million dollar deposit. For example, you may be able to set up a blind trust to receive the windfall. Or use your middle name when you claim your winnings. 

Then prepare to tell your immediate circle of friends and neighbors that you have sold your internet business, or got an inheritance. Very few people will question that Uncle Harry died leaving a mansion to you in his will.

But even if you can successfully avoid telling anyone you've won the lottery, you still have the problem of keeping your friends when you have money. It's hard to hide a fortune.

Here's some more ways you can still keep cherished relationships, while still enjoying your stash:

#2. Make Yourself Human.
People like others who are the same as them. And all of us are imperfect. So you should front up first and admit as many failures as you can remember. Do it when you notice that your friends are beginning to tire of your boasting. Going broke was the best thing for me, in hindsight - because it now allows others to see my current success as a 'comeback.' And people love others who can bounce back and pull themselves away from the brink of disaster to live a better life. I bet there's something you've failed at... so make sure you point that out to your friends wherever possible. It makes you more likeable to real people.

#3. Identify Your Real Friends.
Here's the hard part. Now everything has changed. You don't need other people in the same way as your previous life - because your whole horizon is going to expand. But you still need friends to share your new life with. Who knows, next month you could decide to buy a tropical home on the beach... you won't have to put up with that annoying neighbor any longer. But you also may have no-one to enjoy it with. 

Your best friends are often people who have stood the test of time... those from school or even distant family members. Make sure they are genuine, and then keep pushing to make them see that nothing has changed for you.

#4. Share Your Conspicuous Consumption.
So you now have a lot of stuff, from cars to homes to spare time. It's the perfect opportunity to give your friends rides in your Ferrari, cigarette boat or floatplane. But avoid talking about these status symbols excessively. My wife rolls her eyes in mock exasperation when I go on about how I love driving my Bentley Continental GT. This fun kind of boasting is one of my more shameful traits, but I've since learned to tone it down.

#5. Do Not Loan Money or Stuff.
Loans do NOT make friends. In fact problems with giving money is the quickest way to kill a friendship. So donate the money to your friend instead and avoid all the potential arguments in trying to get a loan returned. If it never comes back - there's no hard feelings. Also do not loan your car. Accidents in loaned vehicles always damage relationships more.

Many people will ask you for money. You will get relatives or friends - who know you have just sold the internet business they never knew you had (see #1) - and who will ask for a loan. That's easy to turn down. Just say you have all your funds tied up in a trust account and it can't be touched for 6 or 12 months. 

#6. Reinforce Your Charitable Side.
When you give some of your winnings away, make sure everyone knows. In my country the winners of the largest prize ever won here - a $36 million taxfree cash windfall - lived in a small town. You know small towns... they KNEW they couldn't conceal how they got all that wealth. In fact the news was out within 2 hours of the win. So these women frequently and in detail told the press which charities they were supporting. And they got a lot of support from their community - and escaped a lot of resentment. You can bet they still have the same friends as before.

#7. Take Up Ordinary Hobbies, Mix With Ordinary People.
Nobody is 'ordinary,' but there's no other word to describe people who haven't won the lottery yet. So get involved with real people who have the same interests as you... join a club, indulge your hobby - and do it anonymously. When you paint pictures at the local school nightclass, nobody knows you're rich unless you start employing assistants to hold your palette!

Want to know the easiest route to keeping friends and banishing worry? It's the obvious - but I bet you won't do it...

Give all your winnings away like Tom Crist, above. Then you won't have to worry about keeping your friends.

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