Don't Go To Work On Monday: How To Quit Your Job

A young mother from Port Huron, Michigan, won $66 million in their lottery jackpot - then went back to work.

Just like the $5 million winner who returned to her job at McDonalds.

And a $3.4 winner who still works as a school janitor 5 years after winning the state lottery.

There are many examples of lotto winners returning to work, and the trend is continuing.

I can understand that many people react because they are in shock...disoriented and confused. All reason leaves them. Their world is shaken to the core by thevast change in their finances. Never again will they have to owe money to a single soul.

They can pay for anything they want. They can walk down the street, point at almost anything at random... cars, buildings, furniture... and say happily to themselves: "I could buy that, right now!"

Working after winning is a well-known trait recognized by lottery officials who see it all the time. Most of them miss their friends, apparently. 

But I still can't figure out why so many winners do it. I wonder what drove them to continue their life of drudgery - even for a single day longer?

I'd understand it better if they had obligations at work... if they managed a large number of people who depended on them. I'd stay around too, and hand over to my deputy. You can't let people down if you have any common decency.

But many lottery winning folk have jobs where they won't be missed... except maybe by their co-workers. And you can always meet them after work, or shout them on a cruise or an island holiday!

Tell me someone you know who loves their work and can't wait to get into the factory/office every morning. I doubt whether you'd find anyone like that in a hurry.

When I was employed many years ago (and never again!) - even 5 minute's notice to quit would have been too long.

Would you go back to work on Monday?

If you said yes, think about why you are playing lotto. Isn't it to escape the cruddy life you have now? The life where you have no control over what you do and where you go? Where your hours are dictated by men and machines - not you?

Many winners throw in their job and go for the good life straight away. So would I - and I hope you will too.

Would you like to stay at home on Monday?