Here's The Answer Grasshopper... The True Winning Secrets Of Lottery Success

Here's how most young grasshoppers (to use a loose Zen example) attempt to be successful:

1. They seek a mentor...someone who has such enormous success that they are inspired to do the same.

2. They look at the mentor's background and success stories.

3. They try and emulate some of the successes.

Long ago, starting out in life, I wanted to be like a prominent property developer I knew. This man (who as he aged, has remarkably turned into the Simpson's billionaire character Mr Burns), was renowned for his tough dealing, his love of books and writing, his focus on getting results.

I loved books and writing too. I reasoned... how hard could it be to get even a small percentage of this magnate's success?

Sadly, it was hard. I never came anywhere close. In fact, I didn't really even get started.

I tried selling real estate to get some experience in the field, and failed miserably. I tried property courses, seminars - even hired another property guru for the grand sum of $120 for 1 hour's consultation. I did all the right moves and failed some more.

At one course over 20 years ago, the presenter made an announcement to the packed room, "Management tells me there is a Mercedes sports car blocking part of the car park. Could the owner please move it back a couple of feet." 

Then, astoundingly, he said in an aside that was picked up by his microphone, "Don't know why they bought that kind of car anyway."

And I had to walk out in front of several hundred people to shift my car, not quite understanding why he said that - but knowing it wasn't positive for me.

I was being criticized for having a luxury car that many people aspired to. I couldn't understand the mentality of the comment, since the presenter was meant to be a successful property developer and investor.

Years of failure later, I figured that success in real estate was not for me. It was a different world. I was not suited to it.

What a waste of time and energy.

But once I had got the property craving out of my subconscious, I went on to use other skills that were more a match to my personality and aspirations. And succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

Along the way I found The Answer.

It isn't what you think. Fact is, most people who succeed in business don't get there because of a single grand idea. It may appear that way on the surface.

No, success is made up of many, many painstaking steps. And failures.

Start here, then step to the right. That doesn't work, so move to the left. Go backwards for a couple of steps till you figure something else out.

The path is always crooked, and takes time. Every 'overnight success' you read about has been the result of someone who spent a long time getting there, as you'll find when you dig a little deeper into their history.

Winning the lottery is quite different. There is no complicated background or study needed.

You might get lucky and win on your first try, like Trevour:

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Or it may take a little longer. But if you use RFA... Relentless Focused Action... this more than anything else will catapult you to the Big Time fast.

Look at any successful person and notice one thing - they ALL spent most of their career or lives getting there. Years of testing, trials and tribulation before they hit the motherlode.

The beauty of a successful lottery system is that all the work has been done for you... no learning needed, no huge one-time investment like a $50,000 franchise fee.

And nno time wasted because you spend just 5 minutes a game at the lotto store.

That's why I smile each time I get a testimony from one of my Silverites (buyers of my system). Success is easier when you have a system that works:

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Don't waste your life on the wrong goals. Don't waste time on dubious moneymaking schemes.

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