Would Posh Spice Win The Lottery With This Attitude?

PHOTO: Daily Mail

A while back the celebrity wife of footballer David Beckham departed a Los Angeles grocery store leaving the staff in fits of laughter.

Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham, pictured above) had requested a discount card that gave her 25% off her purchases.

And she's reputed to be worth $160 million!

The Queen of England wanders round the palace turning off unused lights and eats supermarket cereal, I'm reliably told.

What planet are they on? How will saving a few dollars here and there possibly affect their vast fortunes?

I guess old habits die hard. Once frugal, always frugal.

The answer is that some people are just plain weird when it comes to money. We've all read about the recluse who stashes bundles of cash under the mattress and dies in penniless surroundings.

And the biggest problem is lottery players seeing their tickets as a deposit on a winning prize.

In other words, they want 100% certainty when they spend their hard-earned money.

Fact is - winning regularly happens to me and many others. You can see some of the testimonies here.

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Look at playing the lottery as paying an entrance fee - not as a blue chip investment.