Will This Law Of Attraction REALLY Work For You? (Part 2)

My wife swept into my office, brandishing something in her hand. I looked closer. It was my wallet.

"I've just looked inside and there's at least $2,000 there," she said. "Why do you need all this cash? Aren't you afraid you'll be knocked on the head!"

"Only by you dear," I answered happily, and took it from her.

How did I get this amount of money? I'll tell you in a minute, but first I want to talk more about the attraction article I wrote.

In yesterday's post I told you how to use the law of attraction (LOA) to get whatever you want.

Now, rather wisely I said you can't get everything.

And that's true... there are certain laws of nature which stop everyone getting what they want without a little effort:

- You can't make oil spurt from the ground by thinking about it.
- Gold nuggets don't lie on the surface.
- Not everyone has a monied aunt who just passed away.

The law of attraction works wonders on these kind of objects: Cars, money, houses, relationships. These are the best for workable ways to get what you want.

Wind farms, high IQ, iPad factories, banks... these are a bit harder to obtain :)

I don't know why the tangible stuff is so easy to obtain. Maybe it has to do with scale, personality, availability. Small things are just easier to acquire. You should practice using the LOA getting these first - before working your way up to a private jet or fleet of ocean going liners.

So why is this law important - or even useful - to us lottery players, and winner hopefuls?

Because it uses the most powerful method known - focus. The law of attraction actually powerfully concentrates the mind to achieve the goal required. The brain works out in its own way what is important and do-able. And does it.

And oh my, does it work! I've mentioned in earlier posts how effective that has been for me personally.

I've acquired cars, houses, possessions galore... some of them without having a red cent.

You can use it at any stage of your life too. As I've grown older I've noticed that it takes me less time to get what I want now...far quicker than when I was younger and inexperienced in life and business.

So if you've had a desire from age 16 to get a Ferrari, and you're 60 now, the extra speed you have now will guarantee your possession rapidly.

That's because your age and experience will focus you on the actions needed to grab it far more quickly.

But if you're young and without this experience, then your youth will be an advantage too. I achieved a lot when I was younger simply because I had more energy. Barriers to success didn't seem so big because as a young 'un you see the world with rose tinted glasses.

Here's more practical ideas on how to move your dreams along using the LOA principle.

#1. Keep an example of success about you. Here's how I had that wad of folding greenbacks in my wallet that my wife discovered: I always get my lottery winnings in cash, and immediately put it into my wallet. Some weeks I have up to $2,000 in there. I keep it for a while, enjoying the bulging feeling of the full leather, and my affluence before I spend it. I've also bought expensive watches with my winnings, to remind me of what I could buy when I hit the major jackpot.

#2. Act on your wish list every day. Whether it is reading your wish list or fantasizing over your goals, they must be constantly in front of you. The reason students do so well at school is because they are given a 'forced' learning they can't escape from. It is constant and ongoing. The same with us. We need to lock in and pursue our goals relentlessly. For example, each day I would open a forum for the next car I wanted and look at the photos of it, and discuss the car with knowledgable owners. Constant connection for up to 30 minutes a day is essential. 

#3. Interact physically with your wish list. That's what car showrooms are for! Visit one each week and visit your dream car. Go see open homes to view your next mansion. Jeweler's windows are a marvelous arrangement of glittering and precious objects - including the one with your name on!

It is no different with playing the lottery:

- Keep a winning ticket in your wallet.
- Put up a photo of happy lottery winners on your wall.
- Diary your play dates so you never miss a game.

I have a lucky ticket wallet that is nearly 10 years old. Whenever I pick it up to play my game at the lotto store, it reminds me of my tremendous success with the lottery.

These are all actions that lead to one result... your success in whatever you choose to attract!

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