What Type Of Lottery Player Are You? Win More By Knowing This Fact

Over my decades in the lottery winning business, I've found that most players fall into definite categories:

A) Broke, but willing to try anything
B) Waged, but not much spare money
C) 1-5 tickets-a-week player
D) Analytical player
E) Doubting player
F) Winner

To get the most from the Silver Lotto System, you need to recognize your type, then use that knowledge to play to win big. Here's my suggestions on how to turn silver into gold for every kind of player:

A) Broke, But Willing To Try Anything

PROBLEM: You have an exaggerated idea of what a lotto system can do for you on a tiny amount of play money. You tend to try small plays using several systems at a time - including some Quick Picks, hoping that one will come up with the winning ticket. At times you may spend your last few dollars on tickets in the hope you'll get the Big One.

WHAT TO DO NOW: Realize that while some players get lucky on their first try using tiny investments, many don't. Buy and limit yourself to one lotto system only (Yes, make it mine! Silver Lotto System). Play the system fully when you can afford it. In the in-between weeks, take a couple of dollar tickets using the system, just for fun.

FUTURE STEPS: Earn some extra cash to play more tickets. Use that money to play your game - don't spend the housekeeping!

B) Waged, But Not Much Spare Money

PROBLEM: You're on a regular wage but still find yourself short each week. You can't afford to play the full system each week.

WHAT TO DO NOW: You need to make a realistic investment into your game. You need LottoPredict. It will tell you when best to play so you don't waste your investment on the 'off' weeks.

FUTURE STEPS: Use your winnings each time and add them together to play the next game. Each time your wins increase, plough them back into your game, using the Silver Lotto System and LottoPredict.

C) 1-5 Tickets-a-Week Player

PROBLEM: You buy 1-5 tickets a game, and then wonder why the system isn't working for you. 

WHAT TO DO NOW: You need to increase your playing money to the maximum amount the Silver Lotto System allows. Then you need to use LottoPredict to find the best playing weeks.

FUTURE STEPS: Play the full number of Profiles, but use LottoPredict to fine-tune your investment.

D) Analytical Player

PROBLEM: You want to believe in the Silver Lotto System but your inbuilt logic prevents you from fully doing that. You've run your own tests and they don't come up with the same results as other winners.

WHAT TO DO NOW: Realize that lotto is a game of chance. While the Silver Lotto System takes you close to the top percent of winning numbers, you need (1) persistence (2) patience and (3) a plan to win.

FUTURE STEPS: Use LottoPredict to fine-tune your game along with the Silver Lotto System. This combination will allow you only to play the weeks that have the greatest win possibilities. 

E) Doubting Player

PROBLEM: You don't always believe what you read. You think figures and facts can be fudged. You doubt whether you have the skill or tenacity to keep playing until a win comes along.

WHAT TO DO NOW: Get out of your cynical mood and start believing in the good of humanity and the power of numbers. It is possible that someone has got the answer and is out to help you.

FUTURE STEPS: Know that my first objective is to help you make a sizeable win because (and I've never made a secret of this) is to make some serious money for myself. But I can't do that unless you win... because your wins gives me testimonials and credibility to make further profitable sales of the Silver Lotto System. So I'm going to do my darndest to help you, right? It's self-interest for us both, in the best possible way.

F) Winner

NO PROBLEM: You're the player who has found your type, played the game, and written me about your win: http://askken.freshdesk.com

Ken, Still shaking from my win, bought your Silver Lotto system last year and have played lotto regularly since, definite small wins and a few no wins, until last night. Checked my ticket online and I have won 1st division $22,236,652.87. Your system works. Regards, Jason