A Day In The Life Of A Lottery Millionaire, And Why You Don't Want To Be Like Me

This is not me, but I lead a life very similar.

There's no loud alarm when I wake in the morning. It may be the chirping of the birds that wakes me, or the sun peeking through the blinds from across the harbor.

I wake when I'm ready and refreshed.

I may flip through some news websites on the iPad beside my bed, or simply get up. Then my wife and I have breakfast together... an omelette, slice of toast, and a cup of tea or coffee.

On my way down to my home office, I pass my midnight blue Bentley Continental GT sitting pretty in my garage, gleaming in the low morning sun. On the floors above me, three Roomba vacuum robots are whirring away, cleaning our rooms and making our home immaculate.

In my office I sit down in front of a triple screen computer setup... three sleek 24" Apple Mac screens facing me... and check my email and bank account. This morning I'm pleased as I tote up the figures. In the last month alone (October) my affiliates have sold over $100,000 worth of my lottery system.

And now November is almost gone, and we have again broken that record easily - with still a couple of days to go. Life is good.

Screeeech! Hold on there...

I know what you're thinking. That I must be a very shallow person with my constant talk about financial conquests, toys and possessions. It must seem like a custard pie thrown in the face of those folk who are struggling to get to Xmas on a limited wage - or none at all.

Truly, I understand and I feel your pain. Because I've been there.

But sincerely - don't become like me unless you REALLY want a life of ease and happiness. Because if you become like me, you will become obsessed with lottery winning. It will occupy your life and take over everything you do:

- You will lie awake night after night, plotting and scheming... figuring out how to get your next million.

- You will avidly study statistics and charts, working out your plan to dominate the lottery.

- You will be boring to talk to, because you only have one line of conversation - money and its acquisition.

- You will pour money into your lottery game, using all the systems available to you as you race towards your multi-million dollar jackpots. It may strain the finances at times.

Now let me tell you a secret...

You NEED to be this way to win at anything. Nothing ever falls into your lap in this life. A bicycle is never thrown out of a volcano ready-made. Even winning the lottery, you have to work for it.

And history shows us that only a driven, passionate, questing kind of person will ever make it to the top - either in business or winning the lottery.

That's because they will keep going against all the odds and problems they face, from losing some weeks to only small gains in others.

It's not always a good thing being so driven...

A friend of mine used to be on good terms with an American billionaire. But after a while he no longer wanted to be involved with the guy, either in business or personally. He just didn't like the way the billionaire treated his staff and the people around him. He was rude and domineering.

And it gets worse...

Like this billionaire, many owners of expensive yachts demand that all staff be hidden from them, so they can keep the impression of being alone on their boat. Staff alert each other on walkie-talkies so they can stay out of the way when the great man approaches. Some even slip into passageway cupboards to hide.

This is the degree in which some people demand of others in their success. To get there you need to put in a massive amount of effort and single-mindedness in every part of your life. Halfway is not good enough. Old habits have to be changed.

Years ago on a public forum I once gave away a brainful of knowledge on marketing to someone I wanted to help... a lot of stuff that you normally only see in expensive courses, free. When I didn't get a reply or thanks the next day from the guy asking my advice, I politely tore strips off him for being lazy.

I was being unreasonably tough on purpose and for a reason, and of course he fought back... didn't I understand he had a family and needed to spend time with them! Didn't I get that he had a life! Didn't I realize he wasn't going to spend more time earning money than he needed to, because capitalism was evil!

And I understood. He wasn't going to get anywhere. He didn't have the passion, the focus, the persistence... all topics that I rave on about in these articles.

So if you aren't yet winning, don't despair. Keep persevering. Play more tickets, increase your enthusiasm by reading my blog posts and wringing every ounce of value that you can from them. Because the secret to lottery success lies - in part - in every one of them.

Do that and you WILL succeed sooner than you think, believe me.

OK, for what? What are doing the striving for exactly? A few million? That'll soon run out. I can tell you... a mill doesn't go far these days.

Anyone earning a million dollars moans about the cost of living just the same as those who haven't got it. It's what you DO with your millions after you get it which is important.

I believe it is to help others.

Despite being the world's wealthiest man, Warren Buffet still lives in a modest home and drives a 10 year-old Lincoln. He certainly wears the same suit twice. And he is giving his vast fortune away, gradually, to others less fortunate.

Although I spend freely on electronics, toys and some modest bling, I also support a number of charities and organizations. And I'd like to think my financial help is balanced and useful.


So DO be like me in the way you distribute your money. Use your wealth in ways that will spread the greatest good with your fortune. Last Christmas I gave money to several charities who then supplied third world countries with items to help plant crops, build businesses and help families.

I will likely do the same this year. It's hugely satisfying to do this. Try it! But for peace of mind - do it on a grand scale only after you win.

I won $100,000 using your Silver Lotto System and the clever Lotto-80 system (PRO). Its been the biggest amount I've won since I bought your systems...
Fiona B. (fio********@yahoo.com)

Hi Ken, 
I bought your system about two years ago,and I have been a constant winner since.To date I have won $33,675.00! My last win was this past Wednesday when I knocked off another $1,370.00! 
J.M.R. (name and email supplied)