Dumb & Dumber - My Story Of A Trip Gone Bad... And How Winning The Lottery Is Easier Than You Think

The car drew up next to me. "Oi!" shouted the driver through his open passenger window, and then said something I couldn't hear. But I knew it wasn't nice. I stared straight ahead.

The same day I pulled in front of a large truck. It immediately closed the gap between us and flashed its lights, blaring the horn.

And I had no idea what caused these two events. None whatsoever.

I was in a rented BMW 5-series, driving in a civilized country halfway across the world. And even though I had done this trip every year for decades and driven thousands of miles each time, I had never experienced two driving problems in one day. Maybe once every few years. Never in a single 5 hour period.

When I told my brother about it on returning to his house in the afternoon, he shrugged his shoulders. "Perhaps they just don't like white-haired men driving BMW's," he said trying to be helpful. "Perhaps they just had 14 incidents like this and you were the fifteenth, the breaking point."

As wise as those comments were, they weren't the real reason, as I was to find out very shortly.

There's a parallel process in the lottery.

Each week you take the Silver Lotto System numbers dutifully filled out on your tickets, and the girl at the lottery store puts them into the machine and asks how your day has been, and tells you "good luck" with a smile as she hands them back to you.

And later that night you get $70 instead of the $20 million you'd been hoping for. And you don't know why.

Before you get upset, look on the bright side.

ANY winning gives you a massive advantage over the millions of other other players in the game. Do you really comprehend the odds of winning ANY prize at all? It's hugely AGAINST you.

They don't make up those 50 million:1 odds against winning for fun... it's real figures.

So you've actually broken that enormous chain of luck and chance. You've beaten the odds and extracted a sum of money from the most demanding odds in the world.

If you're like me, you break the odds every game.

Well I know that's not the reason you entered - just to get a small sum. You did it for the ultimate challenge... a big win - maybe the jackpot.

But those prizes you win could have easily been a big one - or the jackpot. You have actually walked up the mountain and grabbed a prize... and that's better than millions of others.

Celebrate! Next week could be your turn on the swing.

Later that week I was sitting, reflecting about my road experience, when I suddenly had a flash of inspiration. I went out to the car and sat in the driver's seat again. And looked out at the side mirrors.

Then I looked at the interior rear vision mirrors. Bingo! The view was quite different.

Remember those transparent stickers on car mirrors that used to say: "Caution, objects may be nearer than they appear." You don't see them any more. Well the exterior mirrors were the culprit. They gave a wide angle view - but subtle so it was hard to tell.

And all the time I had been misjudging my overtaking. By a lot. I was probably causing many near misses when I thought I had the room to get through. None of my own cars had these suicide mirrors, so I didn't expect this problem.

Before I figured it out, I got so upset at my treatment from others on the road that I stopped driving for a couple of days. And you know, it was actually fun... I got to see the countryside and sights I normally missed because I was concentrating on the road. But after a while I began to miss my independence, and got back in the BMW again. And the rest of the trip went smoothly, as I wanted.

If your win is not what you expected, don't give up. Keep going... keep persisting, doing the Relentless Focused Action!

If you KNOW what to expect on the road or in the lottery barrel, your life will be much easier.

Dear Ken, I got $4340.00 last week through your lotto program with several winning tickets. It took a while before I even got some wins and they were small $20 ones, but as you told me I kept going and it paid off!! This is really handy just in time for my sons birthday. Thanks a lot!!
Kathy G. USA.

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