Photo Showing The Numerous Results Of My Winning Lottery Formula

Here's a photo of 50 of my winning tickets. I took it because I decided that a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

So I gathered the winning tickets from over a month or so, laid them out all together on my office floor and took this (bad) photo with my iPhone.

At the bottom I put my iPad with the Silver Lotto System website on, and the weekend newspaper so you know it's me.

I took the photo to demonstrate my lottery philosophy - C.A.R.P. - which is different from any other. I'll explain a bit more and you'll understand.

C.A.R.P. stands for Constant And Regular Prizes. And the pictures prove my system produces constant prizes often.

Any one of them could be the jackpot - it's just the luck of the draw as Rob says.

Hey Ken, Chalk me up as another recent significant winner! I matched 6 out of 7 on the Canadian LottoMax and walked away with $6700. 1 number away from $30 million or with the 7th number as a bonus $420,000! Thanks, Rob W

And I personally get a 99% win rate... that's one or more prizes in every game I play.

I've written often about how my System works. And it's simple.

Sosimple in fact, that someone wrote me yesterday and demanded to know where the rest of the information was.

She couldn't believe that I could get a winning formula out of such a simple formula.

I explained you don't pay for quantity in my world... you pay for the idea.

And myidea has spawned thousands of happy winners over the years, some worth millions in prizes:

WINNER $3.2 million! KEN...last Saturday i was one of the lucky winners we shared the big jack (pot) ... This is where we stand today...Total of $3,224,379.00... Regards Maher M. qal*****