What Would You Pay For Tomorrow's News? How About 25c For The Winning Lottery Numbers?

In tomorrow's post I'm going to be revealing the most difficult time of my life, in detail. (Yes, worse than a parking ticket :)

I've NEVER talked about the personal toll and trauma until now. Yet it has proven to be the best thing that ever happened to me... and has a lesson for you as well.

Make sure you don't miss it.

Today's post is about tomorrow too... what lottery games have the best chances of winning in the next 7 days.

Because each week about this time, I pull my chair away from the three 27" Mac screens on my home office desk, and turn it round to sit in front of three 19" screens running Windows Pro.

This is where I work out the predictions for my famous LottoPredict chart. One day I'll move the system across to my Mac, but until then it's more convenient this way.

My aim with this predictive system is to be able to help you win - but more than that...

I want to save you money playing the games that are NOT likely to produce winning results.

The Silver Lotto System will produce better wins in one week more than others - LottoPredict works on predicting exactly when.

And when you know WHEN, you'll be able to play on the days the System suggests.

And not play when the odds are too high.

Someone asked how much tomorrow's news would cost if it were available. The real cost would not be the price of the newspaper or news site - but the price of knowing tomorrow's stock price, obituaries, direction of wars and protests, new ideas that revolutionize the world, even weather.

The real price would be in the millions of dollars.

By comparison, knowing what lottery is LIKELY to be the best pick tomorrow from me - costs only about 25c a DAY... $7.80 a month here: LottoPredict

And for that tiny sum you could get results like this:


Hey Ken,

...Chalk me up as another recent significant winner! I matched 6 out of 7 on the Canadian LottoMax and walked away with $6700. 1 number away from $30 million or with the 7th number as a bonus $420,000! ...At any rate I won $100 the week before on $120 invested playing the Western 6/49 and since your Lotto 80 system came up 100% yes for this week I figured what the hey... Your system definitely works...


Rob W