The Success Story Of A BounceBack King... How I Escaped From The Wilderness

I almost didn't write this article today. It was difficult to summon up the courage to confess my darkest past.

But after recently watching more winners celebrate my Silver Lotto System, I knew that my success should be shared. And that meant sharing with you from the ground up... from my failure right through to today's successes.

So here goes...

Many years ago on a sunny and windless day, I trudged into my city's court and filed for bankruptcy. It hurt then. And it hurts now writing about it.

It was the worst time in my life, period. My business - despite me having good financial control and being a skilled marketer - had lost its way due to circumstances outside my control.

The woman clerk took my application without a glance and told me what to expect. I think I could detect a little sympathy... I'm not sure. There are few things worse than seeing a dispirited middle-aged man who has had to give up everything he's worked for over the past 15 years.

For the next couple of years I wondered, mentally lost in a blank space. I wasn't depressed, but happiness was far off at any time.

By luck more than anything else, I was able to rent an upmarket home in an exclusive area for a song. I'm forever grateful to the owner because it made my position bearable. And I'm grateful to my wife for staying with me when there was little hope ahead.

Maybe she knew I would bounce back.

In the middle of this black period, the father of the house's owner came to do a little maintenance. He arrived in a near-new Mercedes 280E. As he passed me on the driveway I blurted out to him, "That's exactly the model I had a couple of years ago!" He looked at me curiously and didn't reply.

There was no shared pride of ownership. At that moment the gulf between us was enormous, I realized. There is a huge social gap between the haves and the have-nots, and I've never forgotten that embarrassing minute to this day.

A couple of more years rolled by and I tried a few bootstrap business ideas. But they didn't work.

I managed to get employment - one job for a year at the world's biggest advertising agency - because I was good at my job in public relations, graphic design and journalism.

It was an interesting time, but I was barely keeping my head above water.

Then came the opening I wanted.

The blinding light of realization was simple. It started when I sat down one afternoon in the office at the farmhouse we were renting, and made a list of all the possibilities that I knew would bring in fast money - and more importantly BIG money. Among them were:

1. The lottery.
2. Property flipping (selling on).
3. Share trading.

Property was out... I used to try and sell real estate when I was much younger and I was a complete failure. I sold exactly zero homes in 6 months of trying - while even the poorest salesmen did at least a couple sales a month. I even gave the wrong answer at a training course to a question that was glaringly obvious to the others in the lecture room. They sniggered politely. I still didn't understand... it was a mental barrier I never overcame.

I knew share trading was a form of gambling, and the payoff could be huge. But after studying it for a few weeks at the local library (no Google back then!) I knew it was too much of an off-chance, and again not in my nature.

Of the many choices, only winning the lottery seemed to have a match to my personality and experience.

So why would I select the lottery? The WORST of all the options open to me? After all, nobody had really cracked a system that allowed anyone to win at lotto. And the odds of winning were millions to one.

And that was the moment of truth. I determined that I was going to be that person. Knighthoods and riches would follow!

Until I sat down and tried to work it out. My enthusiasm was short lived.

It was painful. It seemed impossible. It exhausted me mentally each day. I filled reams of paper trying to find the answer. I actually wore out my Sony LCD calculator - the keys gave up and one fell off behind my home office desk, never to be found. But I kept going back to my original ideas, and gradually a pattern began to form.

I can clearly remember the day, nearly 2 years later in 1991, when I broke the code and started raking in regular prizes on paper - totaling over $2 milllion... a huge amount back then. I had beaten the system!

But so much for fast money - it took me almost 2 years to do it!. I needed money to buy tickets to play. So I put the System together and started selling the concept through a small ad in a Sunday newspaper. The Lotto Link System, as I called it back then, sold for just $20. It was underpriced then as it still is now.

Soon the sales and wins started flooding in.

A couple of years later I quit my day job and concentrated fully on my system. It worked like a dream. And every year players have bought and won. The Silver Lotto System now has one of the largest number of lottery testimonials I've seen anywhere - even though I've lost hundreds of letters in various house shifts.

And now as I look back at its success, I realize the enormous obstacles I had to overcome to get to this stage.

But I succeeded where many others have failed.

I've also known many people around me who, like me, have been successful in their field, then crashed financially through various reasons - and NEVER recovered. For most of them it has been a spiraling downward path to financial ruin from which they never got clear. Even today I know many who are are still suffering from the effects of divorce and business loss years after - while I prospered and continued to climb.

I know why I succeeded and they didn't. So this article is for them, and maybe you... how to claw back from the cliff edge and return to profitability and a life of success... however you define that.

Bouncing back is hard. In many ways it takes more guts and willpower to return from a disaster than to start a successful business from scratch. Easier to keep your first partner than to suffer a breakup and try again for the perfect soulmate.

I bounced back in several key ways. And from my experience I KNOW everyone can copy these traits and actions to get ahead in the same way:

A) I used RFA... Relentless Focused Action!
In previous articles I've emphasized that RFA is one of the most important parts of my move to success. Each of the 3 words has a power that forces strivers into successful activities, provided they are pointed in the right direction. Look, many of us are lazy. I was too, at one time. I thought I deserved a break to watch tv because I had done all that my mind could take in. Wrong! Time is money. Progress is never made through thinking about things. Action - particularly focused and ongoing action - is what I did to get there.

My daily newsletter is a good example. Most sellers of a product don't push hard enough. Sure, you may offend a small number of readers with your relentless stream of emails. But one day a reader will wonder who to buy from, and when they go to their Inbox and see a massive number of emails from you, it will make them confident about you. And if you provide good content you will win their hearts.

It wasn't always this way. I've always given up too soon - that is up until the last decade or so. I determined to change my thinking. It wasn't until I ignored what people said and went my own way that I started making headway and some decent money.

B) I sold what people wanted.
The late Steve Jobs famously said, “You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them." He understood that when a product is good enough, people will want it.

There is no product more in demand in the world than a lottery system that works. None. OK, maybe regrowing hair on bald heads. Or extending life without disease. But they are fantasies... this is real.

If you need to bounce back, get involved with something that people want, then give it to them. Obviously you'll find it hard, maybe impossible, to discover another lottery system. 

C) I matched my personality to my product.
I resisted selling my lotto system in any great numbers for a LONG time... years in fact. I just dabbled for the first few years. You see, in my head I was what I dreamed of as a kid... I was actually a serious scientist, or world adventurer, or person of unblemished repute. My bankruptcy stopped that, and also me considering being knighted or becoming prime minister or president. Nor did I want that either, actually.

But the lottery fitted in nicely with my idea of what I was inside... being a reclusive researcher... an author who rarely ventures out from his hillside mansion. It still took a while to accept this change of attitude. However one day - after I thought I truly had nothing to lose - I went ahead. Now that I have a hillside mansion and everything I need, I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

D) I set goals.
Everyone has their own idea of goal-setting. Many people see goals as a barrier because they stop you taking advantage of a profitable opportunity coming at the wrong time. Setting goals matches my character. I NEED direction and the push that setting and following goals gives. Not many people have the ability to wander aimlessly then jump on a rare opportunity when it passes. For most successful folk a goal defines the end result, and I stick to it.

To bounce back from adversity is a tough call. But it can be done. You just have to strip away all your preconceived ideas and start thinking originally.

And to prove how many opportunities there still left in the world - even right under our noses - I took barely 10 seconds to search and register a domain name after writing this article title.

It is I also got (both now expired). This is after the experts said we have almost run out of domain names.

It proves that with a little originality and thought, a BounceBack King can start anything!