5 Quick Ways To Get Lottery Wins Faster and More Often

Winning is fun. Even $1 million can change your life.

Whether it's $1 million to over $600 million, the method of winning the lottery is the sale. Here's 5 quick tips to get your game moving along with more wins:

#1. Play more.
Many players use only 2 or 3 lines/tickets - and wonder why their wins are so few and far between. To get improved results and wins you MUST play more tickets. You don't have to spend a lot of money - even $10-15 a game with the Silver Lotto System will improve your odds.

#2. Play off-peak games for greater profits.
In your country or state the off-peak game could be a midweek play - say a Tuesday or Wednesday - instead of the popular Saturday game. You'll get an advantage because the mid-week games are played by fewer players. And if there are a smaller number of players, not SHARING the prize will get you a greater percentage of the winnings.

#3. Have a bigger goal and stick at it.
If you lack enthusiasm, it's usually because you haven't set your play target high enough. Don't plan to win in a year's time - tell yourself you are going to make it in 2 months! Then plan to make your winning a reality by playing MORE in the games that give you the best odds. Often a bigger goal will bring better results because you're more focused and committed.

#4. Stay focused and stop jumping all over the place.
If one week you use the first 20 lines from your Profiles, and the next week you use 40, then you split between the two, or take another game altogether - it's a disaster. You're spreading yourself too thin, and that never works. Stick to my instructions. Follow the Silver Lotto System and stay focused on one game only.

#5. Play!
My testimonial pages are filled with stories of players who didn't play, or played too late. My good friend Lester R missed out on a $1 million jackpot by not playing. And John below missed out on half a million!



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