Winning The Lottery Is Like Dating - Only More Fun

YOU: (typing) Hi there!

DATE SITE: Hi, how are you?

YOU: Wanna meet sometime?

DATE SITE: Sure, how about Saturday night!

Saturday night arrives, and you sit at the restaurant table with your iPhone conspicuously set out in front of you. It's the identifier, so they know who you are. Your date arrives, carrying the black bag too, as they said they would.

The date looks great - trim, fashionably dressed and cool. You are certain this is going to work out.

But to your surprise, your date looks around, then makes a beeline to another table and starts talking earnestly to the person sitting there.


As you pass by the table on your way out, you see an iPhone sitting there. It's a case of mistaken identity.

Darn, lost that oppportunity.

Winning is like dating. Let me explain a little...

Every week, the group of winning numbers that match your Silver Lotto System numbers do something unpredictable... they change tables.

One week they will be waiting for you... the next week the table will be bare.

No iPhone, no date. So how do you make the weekly match-up? That's how my clever PRO works.

You look at a secret membership website each week, and it will tell you if the match is good or bad. If the numbers are good, you play. If the recommendation says don't play, you get round it - you use the special Profiles in PRO to play that game.

My PRO System is the only one that turns bad weeks into usable ones, because it produces good matches for your bad numbers. 

So you need the PRO System to predict a good or bad week - and play any of the week's games.

Some people, including me, get up to a 98% win rate with the PRO System.

So, get dating those numbers!:

Ken, I won $100,000 using your Silver Lotto System and the clever LottoPredictsystem. Its been the biggest amount I've won since I bought your systems...
Fiona.B. (fio********

Ken, Ive been following your new silver pro system each week since I bought it, and I can't believe it. $17,500, $4,200 and 2 of $230... 
Jon F Jon***********