For Just $10, Never Wait In A Queue Or Miss A Sunset Again - What Winning The Lottery Does For You

My wife's friend fixed me with a friendly but accusing stare.

"Did you buy a new battery for my car?" she asked. I smiled. Three months ago I had offered to check up on her car - an old model Audi - while she did some church work in Nigeria.

And now, after all that time away, she was trying to settle back to her routine again. With a car that now worked. Because in that time the battery gave up from under-use. It was dead as a dodo.

When I tried to start it before she returned, the battery didn't even flicker.

So I bought a new one and replaced it. And didn't tell her.

But she was very grateful for the surprise... a battery was an expensive item on her meager volunteer salary. As I waved goodbye to her from the driveway after her visit to us, it gave me a warm glow to remember that just a few years ago I was in the same position.

As Mae West (pictured), the famous film star is reported to have said, "Honey, I've been rich and I've been poor. Believe me, rich is better."

Here's a list of some other ways I benefit from financial freedom... and why you should take every step humanly possible to win your next lotto game with my Silver Lotto System.

Because having the ability to do whatever you want - to help others or change your own circumstances - makes life pleasant in so many ways:

Convenience: I was watching a TV program on dream homes. And one large contemporary home had two active children and white interior walls throughout. Gulp. Bad combo! So how did they keep these pristine walls clean from jam and grubby fingers? Did they spend hours each week scrubbing them down? No. The owner had them all painted EVERY year! Wouldn't YOU enjoy that kind of financial freedom?

Family: Every two weeks I take my 97 year-old mother-in-law to do shopping at her supermarket. She buys her groceries there while I do something else round the district, then I pick her up again. While she could get a taxi and save me the bother, I enjoy doing it. With money, every day is yours to spend as you like.

Fixin': When tradesmen call, I'm always home. I never have to take time off to wait for them. And we all know how reliable some trades-people are! 

Queues: It's been years since I had to stand in any kind of line-up. I always shop off-peak or have my groceries delivered, and rarely have to wait in any queue for more than a minute or two. The freedom of acting only when YOU want to is the secret.

Bills: We all have them. Years ago I had to pay off the essential services first... power, rent, petrol, and round Xmas I often had nothing left over. Today I pay each bill as I get them - not even waiting for the due date. It's a great feeling of control to be able to pay immediately, when I choose, in MY timeframe.

Weather: If it's raining - as it is right now - I can choose to stay indoors. Gone are the days when I had to trudge out in all sorts of weather to get to work, to buy stuff, to be somewhere. I choose each time now.

Hours: The days of someone telling me when to get to work, when to take a break, when to meet appointments, when to go home... are over for good. It's enforced slavery. Enough said. 

Sunrises: Sometimes the sun rising or setting over our harbor below our hilltop home presents a picture that is breathtaking. One day it can be a rich red sky above a glassy sea, and the effect would make an artist weep. I can watch it for as long as I need to, without worrying about work.

Wallet: Lately I've taken to carrying about $1,000 in cash in my wallet. Accessible cash gives you immeasurable mental freedom - even in this day of credit. And if it got stolen I wouldn't worry unduly. It's a far cry from the early days when I got shortchanged once at a store by $20, and it affected my whole week - my budget was that tight. That's many years ago, thank goodness.

Money: Up to a few years ago I filed all my tax returns myself, to save money. It was a thankless chore that took days and sometimes weeks each year to achieve. Then I saw the light... I handed it all over to an excellent accounting firm. I now have no worries, and all my time is spent doing things I want instead of tax returns. Each year a package arrives on my doorstep from my obliging and friendly accounting firm. It contains all my year's activity and account information set out in a nice package, easy to read. Best of all the price the accountants charge was a tiny amount that I could make back in a couple hour's work. Why I took so long to realize this I'll never know. But that's what money does for you.

Return On Investment: The lottery is a gigantic money machine. You put a tiny amount in, and get a vast fortune back. You will not get a bigger or faster return on your money. Not property, not stocks and shares, not business will give you a better rate. If you get $200,000, or even $50,000 back after paying $20 a week, it's a massive return for only a tiny fraction of the price you paid in tickets.

Don't ever disregard the power of the lottery to give you undreamed freedom... far more than the personal examples I've given you above. There's the thrill of new cars, a change of address, giving to your family and folk in need.

For example, a new phenomenon appeared all over the USA a while back.

'Secret Santas' are paying off the layby accounts of families in need. Some of these benefactors are doing it anonymously - others stand by the counter and offer to pay as the families arrive.

Wouldn't it be great to have the ability to do this?

You start by playing regularly with the Silver Lotto System.

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