Revealed - What Lottery Games You Should Be Playing This Week To Win

Kenneth Stokes of Norwood, Massachusetts won twice in one game!

Korvin G. emailed me with this common question:

"Ken, I can play 2 weekly major games in my country. Should I play just one or both? I can't afford to spread too thin but I like the idea of doubling my chances."

Korvin asks the question that several people also ask me each week.

Should you put all your eggs into one basket by playing one game, or spread your tickets around several games?

It's an answer that has to be tailor-made for the Silver Lotto System, because at first glance it seems better to increase your winning chances by taking a few tickets in many games.

The correct answer is.. quite the opposite.

Stick to ONE game only.

Put all your effort into that one. 

Here's why - unless you have the resources to play big in both games, you are reducing your winning chances dramatically by playing both.

In fact, logic tells us that splitting the same amount between two games is going to halve your chances of any wins, maybe more.

My System is designed to give you the best winning chance available in one game, so don't mess it up by diluting your options.

Concentrate on one game.

One basket for your eggs is the way to go!