Everything Changes, Except For This Winning Formula - Here's How To Use It

Everything changes.

The church my wife and I first got married in is now a live production theater.

Lady Gaga used meat instead of fabric for her costume.

Coastal property is dropping in value because of the possible impact of tidal increases with global warming.

The gramophone was popular, was replaced by the CD player, and now is popular again for a growing number of audio enthusiasts.

But there's one thing that always remains constant...

The only thing that doesn't change in my field is the Silver Lotto System numbers you use to play your lottery game.

Most systems require you to keep changing the numbers each time you play. I have no idea why. All that does is double the work, and reduce the slim chances of ever getting a winning number.

Because not only does the game numbers change each week with each draw, but the numbers in these other systems also change, making it difficult to get any constant result.

When you fill out your numbers, it's a once-only task that takes about 30 minutes. Then you're set for good. No more figures!

One of the questions I get asked often - even though it's answered fully in my manual - is how many tickets should be played each game with my System.

It depends on your budget. If you only have $10 a game, just play the number of Profiles for that amount.

But always play the SAME Profiles each time... that way you are improving one side of the two variables - your fixed numbers against the game's moving numbers.

This minimum amount will get you amazing results, but for even more spectacular wins you should play as many lines (tickets) in the Silver Lotto System as possible.