What's The One Question You Can Ask Anyone, Anywhere - And They'll Answer?

What's the one question you can ask anyone... a group sitting round your dinner table... friends relaxing outside on a picnic... your workmates at tea break... colleagues round the office water cooler?

A question that offends no-one, crosses no personal boundaries?

A question that interests almost everyone you ask, that sets eyes alight with excitement?

A question that produces a huge variety of answers, is never offensive, and you can ask men or women, children, or sometimes strangers?

It's simply this: "What would you do if you won $20 million on lotto this week?"

There is no other question that raises such tremendous enthusiasm - for both intellectuals and workers alike.

Many's the time my wife and I have mapped out our future in long conversations about gaining the Big One. Discussing who will get what, and when.

It's the talking, planning and speculating that makes the whole event so enjoyable.

Imagine not having ever to worry about money again. No bills, no scraping the barrel for food, no problems - except where to travel next, and where to park 7 cars!

Start talking to your partners and friends about what and where they would spend, and see where it takes you!

And speaking about winning a lesser amount - but still happy about it: