The Resolutions You Should Use To Help You Win More Lottery Games

"Did you ever clean out your cabinet drawers?" my wife casually inquired this afternoon. "You know, the ones that you were going to tidy with your new year's resolution last year?"

I coughed and said something unintelligible. But she knew I hadn't followed through.

Like me, if you were a persistent person at the beginning of the year, you might have kept up these hopeful wishes for a couple of weeks or so before slipping back into your old habits.

You failed because you are trying to change your personality, and that is very hard to achieve permanently. It's difficult to be a neat person when you're a slob.

For my resolution I've tried to keep my clothes and office drawers tidy for year after year, but never succeeded. That's because my basic character is neat on the outside, cluttered on the inside.

So how do we improve our lottery wins with this theory? Are we stuck in the same Groundhog Day every year... trying to change our lives without much success?

Well, no. Here's why. You only need improve on getting more lottery winnings.

So here's how to forget about resolutions and concentrate on what will actually work today... winning a lottery prize big enough to wipe all your problems away.

And here's how you do it:

A. Focus. You need to stay in one game only. I see it all the time - players buy up several PRO games because they think playing multiple games will increase their chances. But it is ultimately wasteful because they are diluting their opportunities.

They should play one game only. Not doing this means they throw valuable resources like time and money away on many games. So, pick only one game - the one with the smallest number of balls and numbers (to give you the biggest odds advantage) - and play like the wind!

B. Start small. When you first get something like the Silver Lotto System, it's new and exciting. There's a tendency to play everything you have in the beginning. Then you end up with no money, that you should have been spending on taking the kids to the zoo, and regretting it.

Do this: Put $10 on your tickets once a week and see how it goes. When you get more comfortable, then buy more tickets. The aim with my System is to play as many tickets in one game as you can. The closer you can get to that, the better the results.

C. Get motivated through action. Because my system is so simple, you'll only spend maybe 20 minutes a week to get down to your local lotto store and push your tickets across the counter. The rest of the time you do this...

D. Dream. I don't care if you simply daydream by yourself - or talk about your dreams to others. Whatever you do, imagine what you will do with your winnings in vivid detail. Your new house, in color, the smell of the new furnishings, the shine on the coffee maker sitting so pretty on your kitchen bench, the bright colors of the contemporary art on your wall. (Oh yes, you WILL buy art...everyone rich does).

Then you do this...

E. Write your goals. The most effective way to meet goals of winning, money and success is to have them brought to life and constantly in front of you. You do this by writing each one down in emotive language. You don't put "I am giving some of my winnings to charity." instead you write in the present and be specific: "I am giving $30,000 to my local food store, and I can see the happy faces of the workers there and the people in need as they receive the groceries."

The more you put yourself in the picture, the stronger the words - the better the result. Then do this every day at the same time, repeating your goals. If necessary change them to make them stronger, like a constant self improvement voice inside your head. You MUST write the dream goals down.

F. Choose the right goal words. Are your expressions in the present and not the future? For example, you should be saying: "I have 1 million dollars in my bank and am enjoying the feeling of deciding how to spend it." And not "I will win 1 million dollars this year." It is important that you define the amount, and then take the steps to motivate it.

G. Do all this for 21 days. That's the time it takes to change your behavioral patterns. Anything, like giving up smoking, changing your eating habits, altering your beliefs, will take 3 weeks to form an automatic groove in your personality and behavioral patterns. If you can hang out for this time, you're good as gold!

Ken, Still shaking from my win, bought your Silver Lotto system last year and have played lotto regularly since, definite small wins and a few no wins, until last night. Checked my ticket online and I have won 1st division $22,236,652.87. Your system works. Regards, Jason