The Waiting Room Advantage: How A Secret Search Can Make Your Lottery Winning Life Easier

There were six other people in the waiting room last week as I entered for my routine medical checkup.

And over the next 10 minutes, I learned a lot about them - without speaking to any of them - just observing.

There was the distinguished and formal businessman. I learnt later that he was a prominent politician. (How did I know that? Keep reading).

He kept behind his paper the whole time, only his neatly shined shoes peeking out to show how fastidious he was.

Then the elderly retired guy, confused, with the supportive wife. "Do I need to take this with me dear?" he asks, and she deftly takes his coat and reassured him that he didn't.

The younger Chinese man and his wife, who he ignored in traditional fashion while encouraging his young daughter.

But it was his wife who jumped up to retrieve their daughter when she wandered too far into other people's space.

And the aging biker... snakeskin boots, long white hair, jeans, beard.

All kinds of people, mixed together. Just like the queue at the lottery store.

Everybody buys a lottery ticket at some point. Like the businessman I saw going into a lotto-only shop a while back. There's only one reason you visit this kind of store. Spotted!

And a well-known socialite who buys a weekly ticket at her local convenience store... and won $3,000 one time - a fact she admitted in an interview for a woman's magazine.

Everybody is different, but they all want the same thing: financial security through acquiring a lot of money.

Right now you are probably waiting for a decent win to take you out of your lousy job and debt misery.

While my system can't promise untold riches, I can get you close. Luck does the rest.

So how did I know about the politician?

Thanks to Google it was easy. He was called into the surgery before me, and they used his name to identify him. So did I. Because it sounded vaguely familiar to me, I made a point of remembering it. When I got home I found his name on Google and the rest was easy. 

A lot of life is made easier now because of the internet. My family rarely ask questions nowadays - they go to the net on one of the iPads we have lying around, and within minutes the question is answered.

Never again does a familiar face on tv escape our attention. Instead of asking each other, "who is that?" we simply google the film's name or the character the actor plays, and the result is there in seconds.

We've done that a lot... keeps our memory sharp.

The only answer Google won't give you is next week's lottery results. That would be indeed gold for the lucky person who could accurately predict those numbers!

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