Your Dream Life: How To Create Memorable Adventures

About 25 years ago I told my two daughters to pack an overnight bag. And I asked them to be ready to leave school early the following day.

Then I took them out of college, illegally I think. I certainly told no-one... just arrived round mid-morning, met them at the school gates and bundled them into the Mercedes.

And then we drove for most of the day up our north island to Auckland, our country's largest city.

Halfway along the 8 hour journey I stopped on the side of the road and told the girls to take a turn driving while I walked for a while to ease my creaky body. In delight they took off up the road... two 15 year-old girls free of restrictions and ready to leave me there for good.

I was not surprised when they waved goodbye jokingly from the window.

But soon they returned and we continued our journey... talking, playing I Spy, and sometimes singing to relieve the boredom.

That afternoon we set ourselves up in a couple of apartment rooms in Auckland, at a very nice 5 star motel, and retired early ready for the following morning's adventure.

Before dawn broke and we woke, one daughter preferred to sleep, but the other was ready for the day. So we both went the few miles to an arranged pickup point. I parked the car off the verge and met the van.

Our driver was Ray Smith... a failed Bentley-driving, helicopter-flying entrepreneur whose gold bullion company had crashed a year or two back.

And I was hoping that the event he ran - and I had brought my daughter to - wouldn't also crash.

We entered a large field, and Ray and a helper unloaded a large package from the trailer behind the van. In the early morning light, the huge hot air balloon started inflating with the help of a compressor.

I peered inside and watched with the other four passengers as the LPG flame grew the massive envelope like an enormous plastic bump.

Soon it was struggling against the ties, and it was time for us all to enter the large wicker basket with Ray, the pilot. And then, almost suddenly, the ground dropped away and we were heading straight up, quite fast.

The figures on the ground soon became dots, and the harbor had a golden shimmer reflected on it from the sunrise.

We talked, Ray and me, as we drifted noiselessly above the earth. About our shared helicopter flying experiences, his love of ballooning, everything except his failed business.

Like most go-getters he was an interesting person to talk to. I knew he was freed from any blame in his company's crash, but he was taking a while to recover. This flying was his therapy I think.

I called home from 2,000 feet up on my brick cellphone and delighted a few people in the process. My daughter also spoke to friends. The excitement was real for everyone.

The landing 30 minutes later was more a controlled crash. We bumped over a grassy field, the basket bounding and bouncing and us whooping until the balloon sagged, deflated, and all was still.

As we traveled back in the van, we all talked together. I learned that a woman and her husband had just bought a castle in remote Ireland and were starting a 5 year project refurbishing it. Another woman owned a florist business.

I owned a newspaper. We were all different, but joined by the unique experience.

I've done many adventures like this over the years. And I can tell you simply - you cannot have this kind of experience without money. If ever you needed a reason to buckle down and make this your year of excitement and unique adventures, this is it.

Forget any recession, the world's problems, and make your own way. Add experiences and adventure to your life and live like a winner.

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All you need is the drive and desire to multiply your winnings until you achieve that goal.

It's simple. Every time you win, put that amount back into buying more tickets. As your wins snowball, the amount will increase. Soon you will be living the dream like me and many others.

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