Do You Possess These 6 Success Traits? (Tip--Here's What You Really Need To Win Lotto)

Take a look at this description of the perfect human:

1. Good-looking.
2. Tall.
3. Perfect weight.
4. Tanned skin.
5. 20/20 vision.
6. Full head of hair.

Does this describe you? I doubt it. Me neither. Only a tiny fraction of a percent of the total world's population look like this.

Yet we are all told - through advertising and numerous success stories - that having these traits will help you make money, live better, gain more friends and lead a happier life.

So a little while back I started searching for these qualities in successful people that I knew. Guess what? Not one of them had all these features. In fact, none of them showed even more than one or two items on the list.

The qualities they did possess however, were... largely mental. By this, I mean their attitude of positivity and persistence.

Let me tell you, apart from kidding myself that I'm good-looking :-) I don't possess any of the perfect qualities in the list either. Not a dang one of them.

There was a time when I got quite depressed about the relationship between success and perfection. But as the years drew on, I began to discover that I actually possessed the single most important success factor.

If you read my past articles, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about: It's PERSISTENCE.

And I can tell you this trait also appears in all successful people.

You might think that winning the lottery is just a case of buying my system and giving it a go for a while. Well, that does work for a lot of players:


A group of window installers in Britain played every week for several months when the lottery was first introduced. They simply just put all the profits from the business into lotto tickets. (Not something I recommend!). But eventually they won, and won the Big One.

So persistence is more important than many other factors when you're going for the Big One.

How do you gain persistence for winning lotto? 

Ever watched a baby determined to grab that valuable vase off the coffee table? "No!" the mother says, and turns the little blighter around in the other direction. It doesn't work.

In seconds the baby is heading towards the table, and again, shielding the vase with the hand and "no!!" doesn't deter him.

The reason that babies persist is that they don't know any better. Their mind is open and exploratory, and they can't understand why the government/mom/rules are going to stop them.

As adults, we have already been beaten down. It's the result of years of people telling us we can't do something, and it has dulled our initiative.

Here's a tip to change that and increase your determination. You know that the only way to win the lottery is to stayed focused and keep going. You have followed my instructions in past articles to visualize your goals.

Now you need to do some subconscious work on yourself.

So tonight, as you rest in bed, you are going to say to yourself: "Bed and sleep is a time to recharge my batteries. I'm going to sleep, and when I wake up my life is going to change for the better."

Then vividly imagine your future of luxury and ease after winning the lottery... until you drift off to sleep.

Think about your goals and dreams randomly until you fall asleep. And as you rest, your subconscious mind is working for you... visualizing those goals, making them real.

Try it. You'll be surprised at how easy the following day becomes for you. Your determination will be strengthened.

You don't need all the perfect qualities that make you look good, tall or possess a good head of hair. All you need is the mental power to continue playing until you win a substantial amount of money.

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