Do You Look Like A Lottery Winner? A Surprise Answer

Tom Cruise in the film Minority Report predicted crimes before they happened. So can I...

My wife was outraged. I had been pointing to photographs of convicted criminals in one of our national newspapers.

"Look at this," I said, "They all have the same typical grim look about them. I bet we could distinguish a crim from an honest bystander just by looking at their photo."

Then, to shock her further, I went on to say... "We should gather up all the people that look like criminals and put them in jail immediately - even if they haven't done anything yet. That will solve crime before it happens!"

Of course I was kidding - even though I was thinking about Tom Cruise's movie "Minority Report" which suggested this very same idea. But there is truth in the theory about people matching their lifestyles.

Here's what I mean...

A while back, in one of our monthly telephone conversations, my son, 42, remarked to me, "You know Dad, I think I've got the measure of you." I was immediately interested. He's a bright boy - oops - I mean man, well traveled, and he's generally right about the world.

"I was dealing with a bunch of journalists last week," he continued, "and I was really surprised... they all had your mannerisms. They acted like you, they talked like you."

He finally understood - after over 40 years of being my son - where I fitted in life. I have been writing, and involved in newspapers, for much of my adult life. That's my calling I guess. He saw the match.

It was my turn not to be surprised. Because I knew there is also a strong correlation between what you look like and what you do. Could you imagine President Obama as a rock star? Could you imagine rock star Sting as an accountant?


Does your local plumber look like a plumber? I bet he does. The Avon lady? Sure. The match is absolute.

So what does a lottery winner look like?

That's where the distinction ends. I can tell you right away, they are all different. There's no way you can put a bunch of lotto winners together in a lineup and find any similarities. They're all quite dissimilar.

But that's the joy of playing and winning lotto. You're not obligated to look like a lotto player before you buy the tickets.

But there is one thing that distinguishes the lotto winner...

...the look of complete satisfaction and happiness on their faces. I'm told this condition lasts for up to two years after a major win. What a buzz!

So, who do you want to look like?

Ken, Ive been following your silver pro system each week since I bought it, and I can't believe it. $17,500, $4200 and 2 of $230. Each week I kick myself that I didn't take a ticket, but I guess I wanted proof before I spent my money. Now I will.

Jon F