Bodybuilding Couple Gulp Over 100 Eggs a Week

Most of us eat a couple of eggs a week.

I'm a little different. My intake is probably 7-10 eggs weekly, spread over either breakfasts or lunches.

In fact, when I finish this newsletter I'm going up to the kitchen to make a two-egg omelette with tomato and some broccoli for lunch.

But Rob and Vanda eat over 100 eggs between them, and are Britain's top bodybuilding contenders, according to an article I read in today's Mail Online edition.

The personal trainers (what else?) are Britain's strongest couple and the country's top bodybuilders.

It's the result of eating a mountain of eggs and other foods in a way that would balloon up any normal person in a few minutes.

Compared to them, my intake is modest.

It hasn't helped me win any bodybuilding contests, but it's a great example of working extremes to get success.

In most cases, when you take extreme ACTION…

You get extreme RESULTS.

It's also true in the lottery in a more obvious way.

Players who buy 1 ticket a game are
unlikely to get the same success as a player
who buys 100 tickets.

It's simply a numbers game.

To achieve better results, you need to do more... whether it's bodybuilding or winning the lottery.

Trouble is - most of us are average.

And the average guy - safe and happy - will never experience extreme results.

You have to decide whether you want to achieve ho-hum results, or go for the gold trophy.

Think of the super successful... the high achievers in any field… and you'll always see evidence of extreme behavior that is totally alien to the average person.

So if you are content with your average results - the occasional $3 prize each game… then continue to just buy a couple of tickets each time.

But effort breeds reward.

And the more you invest, the more you get back.

Rob and Vanda don't know which of the 100 eggs a week are giving them their super bodies. I'm guessing they bulk up regardless.

With the lottery the outcome's much easier to predict.

I've discovered over the years that the chances of winning are as high as 80% or more when you use the Silver Lotto System.

But there are weeks where - despite the success of the System - the numbers simply don't pan out.

That's the luck of the game.

So that's how I worked out a system to improve your chances a lot more, and that's where the Lotto-80 system comes in.

It tells you what days are good to use your Silver Lotto System by showing a green square.

Or when not to play, when you see a red square.

For $7.80 a month you can ramp up your winning weeks and stop losing on the weeks that are not going to produce the numbers.

You couldn't even buy a barbell for that price!

You'll save many times the cost of a monthly membership in one game alone, I'll bet you.

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