This Week's 5 Hot Free Lottery Winning Tips

Let me tell you about the Lotto-80 System.

I found, after a few year's research - that some weeks have better winning odds than others.

So I calculated which could be the best weeks and put them into a simple green & red square indicator.

Green for Go.

Red for Don't Play.

To make it work, you just look up your game from the 87 games there, and see if it has a green square opposite.

If it's green, play this game with your Silver Lotto System.

If the square is red, don't play, and save your funds for the next best time.

So the Lotto-80 System tells you the best play time, as well as saves you a small fortune by telling you when NOT to play!

At the moment membership is just $7.80 a month.

And each week around this time I put up some free predictions here... for a random 5 games that have a 50% play chance or better.

Just to get your interest going!

All you need is the Silver Lotto System and the Lotto-80 System membership to make it work.


-Australia Oz Lotto
-Florida Lotto
-Greece Lotto
-USA Hot Lotto
-California Super Lotto Plus

Go here to see the Lotto-80 System in action:

Hi Ken, just wanted to tell you that I had 4 winning number combinations last wednesday in NSW lotto. (2,4 out of 6, and 2,3 and a supp.) I also had 2 winning games (4 out of 6) in this saturday night's game. I have been winning something every couple of weeks since starting the system. Andy D (full name and email supplied)