Lottery Millionaire's Tale: My $800 James Bond Toaster

My Dualit toaster sits prettily on our kitchen bench.

As you probably know by now from following my newsletters over the years, I have a leaning towards quality.

My Bentley and Lexus cars are top quality models.

My Omega is an excellent quality digital watch.

My Apple Mac computers are a beautiful design quality.

My wife is a quality partner of nearly 40 years (and while expensive, she looks better each year :)

I'll tell you about the other quality things I buy shortly.

Anyway, I thought I should get a top quality toaster to match my 'quality' lifestyle.

Maybe something a little James Bondish too. Stylish, elegant.

And that's where the problem started.

To find the perfect toaster I did a little research, but in the end simply bought the most expensive. (Hey - this trick doesn't work all the time, but in most cases it has).

My daughter, who was visiting a short while later, said, "You paid HOW MUCH for that!?"

Yes, I paid $800 in our currency for the British built Dualit.

That's about $US700.

And it's almost 20 times more than the same K-Mart or Target item.

And sit down while you read this - it actually does 20 times LESS than the cheapest toaster out there.

In fact, the only similarity to any other toaster is that it cooks toast.

The average toaster pops up when the toast is cooked.

The Dualit toast has to be manually raised with a quaint lifting knob.

The average toaster has a timer which needs no adjustment each time.

The Dualit timer has to be adjusted and set each time you put toast in.

The average toaster will ping when it has finished cooking.

The Dualit makes no such noise. Only the whirring of the timer will tell you when it finishes.

The average toaster can cook a single toast.

The Dualit requires you to put 2 pieces in to avoid burning one side.

I could go on about the lack of usefulness.

So why did I buy it?

Well I'm told it will last forever. If the elements burn out, they can be replaced instead of having to buy a new toaster.

It is shiny, and has a timeless, classy design.

Anyone rich will instantly recognize your Dualit and applaud your cleverness... welcome you to the insider's club of the knowledgable wealthy. (Note of slight sarcasm creeps in here!)

But are those reasons for buying it?

Not for me. I don't buy by brand, or for show... I buy for great design and quality.

And the Dualit ticks the boxes there, but I wouldn't buy another.

So how do you choose a lottery system that does everything you want?

Because you can't apply the same principles of expensiveness here.

Do you choose the system with the greatest number of promises? The cheapest? Or with a flashy website?

No - you buy on results.

Testimonials from hundreds of happy users, like mine has.

And this is one time where the best doesn't have to be the most expensive.

I'm able to keep my prices low because of a peculiar quirk of geography... our dollar's currency exchange value is lower than the US.

This means I can sell cheaper than anyone else and still make a decent profit. So I haven't raised the price for years.

My system is not expensive, elitist or even great design.

But if you want an extraordinary 98% win rate (that's the success rate I get personally - you might not reach that level immediately), then I believe it's the only system out there.

Jerome could buy a Dualit toaster easily enough with his winnings, and have change:

Hey Ken - if you had an 11 for this Silver Lotto System you would get it from me. I WON $880 YESTERDAY. Wow!!!!! I never thought it would work but it has - even though its only a small amount. Thanks a million! (hope I can say that soon)

Jerome K. Chicago, USA

Now I'm just off to make myself a cup of green tea and have a slice of wholemeal toast for breakfast.

I'm stepping over my Roomba robot vacuum - one of four I own - as it cleans up my kitchen.

Opening the drawer and looking at my $300 French cast-iron skillet.

Then going to my 21st century $4,000 Mitsubishi fridge to get the butter.

Plunking the crockery down on my $6,000 stainless steel bench next to the Smeg 5-cooker gas hob, as I look at the news on the 65" Panasonic plasma flat screen tv.

I don't mean to boast, but I say this to make you slightly jealous. Because envy is a great motivator :)

There's only one way to afford an expensive lifestyle like this, and that's with lottery winnings:


Its about time for us to cheer up and know that one day we can tern the table around , I am sure you know i got your system 6 months ago and reading all you newsletters and what ever updates you post me . last Saturday i was one of the lucky winners we shared the big jack (pot) ... This is where we stand today. 6 provisional winners of $537,396.59 each and we are one of the 6 . ... the issue is not winning witch did not makes us sleep , but where and what to start with . I am very happy to let you know that we are looking to buy our first home and that what we always wish and it cam through .

Regards Maher M. AUSTRALIA


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Mmmm, that toast was NICE!