How To Conquer Your Butterfly Mind And Win Lotto

Like a lot of people, I had a butterfly mind.

I was easily distracted, tended to flit from one topic to another... I had trouble concentrating.

And got nowhere fast.

But I conquered it in time, and one day soon I'll tell you how I did it.

But let me tell you a secret...

Unless you solve the problem of focus, you won't get anywhere either... in winning the lottery, or life.

Now, one of the main problems that lottery players have is deciding when to play.

They ask themselves, should I play this week? Didn't I see some pretty strange numbers coming up after that last game?

Next week? What if the numbers are just as bad?

And before you know it, they are undecided and lost at sea.

Not knowing which way to turn.

Well, I've made that decision easier for you.

I predict the best days of play for you.

What if you went to a secret website, and looked up your game, and magically it told you if this was a good day to play?

Sort of like horoscopes - but way more accurate!

All you had to do was see if there was a green square or a red one opposite your game.

Hey, everyone knows green means go... so you can play that day and your odds of winning will be higher.

Red means save your money.

And in between there is 25% chance, 50% chance and 75% chance of success.

Because you may like to try it on your own terms.

All those options are less than $8 a MONTH!

The whole caboodle is less than 25c a day.

You can't even buy a pack of jellybeans for that.

Get it here:

And if you're still undecided, I'll give you this amazing stuff free, here today.

Every week around this time I mail out this tantalizing free offer to you... a kind of try-and-see for yourself.

Of the 87 game days on the Lotto-80 System site, I give away 5 predicted games for you to try in the coming week.

Now, some games play more than once in a week, so you'll have to figure out yourself which one to play.

But if I were you, I'd simply pay my $7.80 and sign up to save all the hassle.


Australia Lotto 6/45

USA Hot Lotto

USA Megabucks

Louisiana Lotto

Texas Lotto

Don't forget - this system uses your Silver Lotto System, so get that first if you don't have it:

So when you're next undecided about whether to play this week or not, plonk your $8 down and make it easy on yourself.

One of the advantages of having this decision made for you is the peace of mind you get.

You fit more into your day without the responsibility or worry.

Let that butterfly go!

Go here and sign up now: