The Lottery Dream Is Real, Here's How To Live It!

THIS morning, as I sat reading through some of the many newsletters I subscribe to, I realized something startling.

I'm the only author who writes about money fantasies.

In past issues I've written about my expensive cars, world travel, flying aircraft, living in a hilltop mansion, achieving the playboy lifestyle (OK, I made that last one up, sorry dear!)

And in the other newsletters... these sensible-as-laced-shoes ezines... there is none of that.

I might even be a little counter-culturish...

When everyone else says save for a rainy day, I say "get a credit card and keep it unused as a backup."

While others say save your pennies, I say "that mentality makes you poor."

Last night I watched the most recent "Casino Royale" James Bond film (on my 100" projector screen).

As I watched the Aston Martin DBS barreling down the road, it was then I KNEW we all need a fantasy life to aim for.

Without these ambitions, our life is limited.

If you don't dream big, what happens?

Imagine wanting to win the lottery so you could build up your collection of commemorative spoons?

Or winning enough to be able to expand your home-grown cabbage plot?

Or having enough cash so you can go twice a week to your macrame classes?

It's just silly.

Look, I'm in the business of money... how to make it, how to enjoy it.

That's why my blog is called The Lotto Life instead of "Save Your Money For The Coming Disaster."

That's why I choose to talk about doing adventure, pushing boundaries, having exciting experiences.

Because life is meant to be lived vicariously... doing the things you've always wanted.

And the lottery is the answer to every person's financial fantasies.

I know how it feels to be trapped in a job... unable to free myself from paid slavery.

We are NOT designed to operate our lives like hens in a battery farm environment.

Sure, you can live an exciting life without money, but it's never the same as a massive lottery jackpot.

Consider this:

Want a year-long world cruise with everything paid for?

- Get a job on a cruise ship.

Want to live in a luxurious home free for years at a time with room, transport and meals provided?

- Apply as a nanny to a rich family with children.

Want to drive exotic cars round the city?

- Get a job as a chauffeur for a rich family.

Want to sail on a super yacht?

- Get a job as a deck hand.

Work is not play. And nothing beats having a vast sum of ready money to free yourself from toil.

Or being accountable only to yourself.

And that's why I push the lottery dream. It's the ultimate fantasy fulfilment.

But a word of caution.

It takes some commitment to play the lottery to win.

You can't really play $5 a week and expect miracles.

Along with a steady diet of dreams and ambition, you also need a touch of reality.

Some lottery prizes come instantly for some folk:

Ken, I've won: $400.00, $300.00, $75.00, $50.00, $10.00, $5.00, $3.00 not just once but many times... I won every week for four months on Powerball. It was a great feeling...YOUR SYSTEM WORKS. Thank you Michael A. (ardo*****

For others the prizes take a little longer:

Hi Ken; I bought your system ... after several months of receiving your tips. I read your instructions and took my time creating my profiles. I followed your advice and play the best odds game of 5 of 35. My first play was only 5 picks from my profile 1. Nothing. I then followed the draws for several weeks checking if I would have won anything. Nothing. Then saved until I could play at least the 35 picks ($35) of profile 1. I won ten dollars. Well that was good. Saved again, reinvested that $10 into playing all of profile 1 again. I WON $100,000!!!!!! on my second try. Your system works and your tips are very important to follow. I'm continuing to play and expect to win again. I'll write again when I do. Thanks for a system that works. Regards, Ron Rlp*****

As a serious lotto investor, you've got to realize several things...

1.  Your lotto game investment won't always pay off. Just like the real world, you sometimes have to make a loss before a profit. Grin and bear it.

2.  You MUST be consistent. Playing when you feel like it gets you nowhere fast. Put money aside and play regularly.

3.  Don't let emotion cloud your judgment. Sure, it's fun thinking about what you can buy with your Big Win, but don't get upset when you don't win at times. It's all part of the game.

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