My Airport Patdown Experience - And How It Helps You WIn The Lottery

Do I have the profile of a thug?

I didn't think so. But someone else did.

My grey hair, gentrified expression, chiseled features, well dressed demeanor ... none of these helped me last weekend when I went through our national airline security.

(Note: I MAY have slightly exaggerated the facts about my looks. I plead artistic licence).

My wife - who always dresses like a fashion plate even to weed the garden - and I were travelling together. And we had just picked our hand luggage off the xray conveyor belt.

A pleasant, well-built guard motioned me over as I passed through the scanner.

"Would you come this way sir," he insisted, waving a large raygun in my face as he loomed over me.

"Put your baggage down here if you wouldn't mind," he directed, and dutifully I obeyed.

He waved the scanner/raygun over me, looking intently at the dials.

Nothing happened.

No beeps, no police running towards us, no blaring red alarms screeching in the background.

"Thank you sir," he grunted, "Have a nice trip."

So here we were in the safest country in the world, and security people were patting down a middle-aged man who has the appearance of a country club member.

Where's the logic in that?

Must have been a quiet morning for him.

It had also happened to me passing through Los Angeles a year or two back.

That time I was standing in the business class line with my arms out and legs apart, facing the long line of economy passengers who were looking at me with some curiosity. It felt a little odd and uncomfortable out in the open.

Of course nothing happened there either.

The reason is there are no obvious security profiles that can tell a thug from a nice guy.

So they have to check everyone randomly.

The same with my System.

Can you tell which Profile numbers will give you the winning jackpot in any given game? No you can't.

That's why I recommend LottoPredict every time.

You can use the same Profiles given to you in the Silver Lotto System, but the clever LottoPredict chart tells you WHEN to use them.

A bit like the security guard - plucking travelers at random from the airport line - being told that he should grab the middle-aged guy with the film star looks.

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